I talk to a lot of spirits. My personal spirit guides, as well as those I meet doing Spirit Guide Readings and through Messages From Your Guides Readings. One thing that I have noticed is that sometimes spirits will use words in a manner to send multiple messages at the same time.

Words, in general, are inherently dualistic. To use a word is to call forth separation. When you label something a chair, that means it is inherently not the same as a table. When you give something a color, you define what it is as something separate from a greater whole. But, some spirits like to play with this dualistic nature and use a word in a more inclusive manner, playing on multiple uses or meanings of the same word. 

I thought this would be the perfect time to write out a few of the clever word plays that different spirits have used which have stuck with me. When I hear these words now in everyday life, I tend to get drawn back into the spirit’s original message and it adds an additional layer to my journey in that moment as well. Maybe these words will stick with you as well. 


The reason this topic came to my mind today was a spirit’s use of the word inaction. They used this to convey multiple messages in one word. First, there is the typical definition of inaction, meaning to stop what you are doing, to be without action. But, the spirit then went on to define it as in action, the action of going within. The inward movement of action. 

This seemed like a very creative use of the idea and play with words that it really stuck out. When we think of inaction we usually just think of a lack of outer activity. But, when there is inaction we are more able to have action within with – inner action. 


A more common play on words I have heard a few times from multiple guides is with the word matter. Spirits will use this word in the context of “does something really matter” and then turn around and use it to describe matter as a physical substance. The idea of the matter, or objects and physical environment, around us as not necessarily mattering in the big scheme of things. How the universe is made up of illusionary matter and why that should matter to us (or not). 


Another play on words that I have heard spirits use is the word wonder. There is both wonder with an “o” meaning to be curious to know something and the word wander with an “a” meaning to walk aimlessly without a purpose. I have heard enough spirits use these words that I tend to pause and make sure I have the correct word that they are trying to convey. But, many times, they like both terms equally and will use them often and interchangeably, even though they are not meant to be used as such in this English language. 

The use of words in this manner has been a very interesting occurrence that leads to other questions as well. These are very english-centric words and I wonder (with an “o”) about spirit’s ability and use of dual meanings of words in other languages which I am unfamiliar with. I also speculate that in the languages which use characters, there could be some beautiful play on words and symbolism which is not available in those languages which use letters.

Have you heard any unique uses or play on words? What are some of your favorites? 

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