To walk the path forward, one must walk with an open mind and an open heart. For the tragedies you see and remember are not the tragedies of man but the tragedies of the imagination. Never has there been a time in your history where the view of the world is so distinct and yet not concrete.

What we see are the imaginings of man made manifest through the eyes of the perceiver. What was will not be and what can come has not yet been formed. 

There is no reason to anticipate a change that is to come when that change has not been created in the mind’s of man. How can imagining take place when there is nothing yet to be imagined?

Instead, man must toil with what is at hand, not to dismiss the accounts in which they see before them, but to understand that the illusions are of their own creation. 

To create a peaceful world, think peaceful thoughts. For the thoughts of man bring forth the actions of the heart. Change the thoughts change the actions.

How do you say you want a peaceful world when the images on your screens are not of peace but of destruction? Change the image, change the thought, change the reality in which you sit.

For mankind has not seen ultimate destruction and will not see it because ultimate destruction has yet to be written forward. Instead, mankind is primed to receive what it has created and thus it will do so.

You desire a different creation, have different desires. The simplicity in this statement is alarming, but that is the truth in the world in which you sit. The truth is one of simplicity. Complicating the matter at hand will not make it more esoteric or wise it will just make it difficult to understand. 

The truth stems from the heart. Listen to what the heart says and you will create the peace that you say you desire. Listen to what the mind says and you will see what it is your creations are manifesting. 

The simplicity is in the heart of this matter and it is as it shall be.

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