How can I help is a powerful question. So often, especially this last year and a half, many people feel isolated and hopeless in regards to what they see happening in the world today, both locally and on a global scale. We are all one people and when you see another individual being harmed, it can feel like your arm or your toe is getting cut off

This is why people ask so many times, “How can I help?”. The universal question which does, in fact, have a universal answer.

How can I help? 


It sounds simple. It sounds too simple to be an answer at all to the tragedies that play out on the nightly news. But it is actually a magnificent and enduring act that you can take on yourself.

But, let’s make it more complicated and break this down. 

The act we are actually talking to is that of transformation. When you see tragedies in the world you want them to change for what you deem the better. You do this by transforming the energies that are present at one state and make them another.

You raise the vibrational frequency of the acts you see to that of a higher frequency, taking them out of the darkness and bringing them to the light.

How do you do this? How do you transform the energy?

There are several ways, but all boil down to being in a state of love. 

But, again, let’s make this more complicated, because we like to add layers in our human mind, and give us some actual goals and acts that we can do to transform the energy around us.


A simple act that you an do to transform the energy around you is to meditate. By meditating you can help settle your own energy and shift your vibrational state to a higher level of being. This, in turn, effects the energies around you by the properties of co-resonance. 

Turn off the tv. Light a candle. Follow your breath. Change the world. 

Prayer/Mantra Work

Another simple act you can take on is that of prayer or mantra work. Really, these are both the same thing, but are given different terms which have a different energetic impact on those reading this so I will use them as separate identifications. 

What prayer and mantra work do is to use words, to use the verbal notes of ones voice, and transform the energy around you to a higher vibrational octave. Your own song of love and peace. Words have energy. Thoughts have energy. Speak higher vibrational words and create a higher vibrational atmosphere. 

What prayer or mantra should you say? That is up to you and the truths of your heart. It can be as simple as saying the Lord’s prayer or Om Mani Padme Om. Each has its own vibration and each calls to it a responding vibration in kind. Each transforms the energy before you.

Change Perspective 

Another simple activity you can do is to shift your perspective on what you see before you. Is the world around you really that “bad”? Can you see the good, can you see the light in all people, places, situations, and activities? Can you shift your perspective??

In our current society, it is so easy to complain to others about what is going on in the world. It is so easy to find energy in the drama around you. It is almost like watching a soap opera waiting to see what tragedy is going to hit the world next. Stop it.

Stop viewing the world like your own personal soap opera and start shifting your perspective to one of love and peace. One of my favorite modern channel’s Paul Selig’s guides often say “What you damn damns you back”, meaning what you see in darkness, what you view of “bad” or “wrong” or “inherently evil” brings you to that state, lowers your vibration to that level. 

So, instead of talking about how “bad” the world is around you, shift your perspective and focus on the good that is happening. It is not always popular or in vogue to talk about how much fun you are having being in your house all the time instead of being in public surrounded by lots and lots of people, but maybe, just maybe, you are enjoying yourself a little and finding your own version of peace.


Here is a challenge for you. Smile as if no one is watching. Smile even though others can’t see. A smile brings light to others but it also brings light to your own heart. It raises your vibration and thus the vibrations of those around you.

Next time you feel that this world is spinning into chaos. When you feel helpless and like there is nothing you can do. When you ask yourself, What can I do to help? Know that there is one simple answer – Love. 

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