Recently, I finished the Netflix series The Gift and I thought this gem of a show may appeal to other spiritually minded folks out there as well.

It is hard to explain what this show is about. Somewhat about a woman. Somewhat about The Mother. Somewhat about life. 

This intricately woven plot intermixes the lives of people through different dimensions of reality and time. It involves the creation myths, the archetypes of mother and child, the cycles of life and death.

…really…no explanation can adequately fit this show, it is one you need to watch to fully comprehend.

With that said, I do recommend this show but I also have a caveat. This is not a show to really binge watch episode after episode. There are some slower points that could put you off if you take it in all at once. Instead, this is a great show to spread out and savor. 

Remember when shows would come out once a week and you had the anticipation of waiting for the next week to see what happens?? Treat this show like that. Go back in time to the early 1990s and build some anticipation. Or, at least only watch a few shows a day, not a whole season in an afternoon.

Also, this show is based in Turkey so if you don’t speak the language, you have subtitles or Netflix’s dubbing system. Either will work.

I also recommend doing some research into Turkey in general as this is an absolutely beautiful country with a lot of cultural history I was not aware of. 

Luckily we get a universal yum subscription box each month with snacks from a different country and Turkey was one of those countries we got to experience. Whenever we get one of these boxes we always search youtube for different videos or families travel vlogs to get to experience the country while tasting the snacks. 

Basically, having that background view of Turkey just added to the insight of the beautiful locations The Gift brought viewers to. 

Have you watched The Gift? What did you think of it??

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