One aspect of spirituality and truth that many, including myself, get caught up on from time to time is judging another being. We judge them as unworthy, we judge them as wrong, we judge them as unspiritual, we judge them as unenlightened.

Theoretically, we know this is not the truth. We know that all beings are divine. The essence of the divine runs through all, through everything, yes, even that annoying neighbor or that boss that seems out to get you.

So, the question becomes, how can we release this need or desire to judge? How can we see those people who annoy us and trouble us as divine beings in their own right?

Well, I’ve come up with a few tips that help me in these situations to release my judgments and see the light within everyone…yes, everyone.

See the light

One way to work on this is to use your third eye, or your imagination, and literally picture or project their divine essence into their being. For me, this looks like a glowing ball of light. I take this ball of light and put it in their heart. Seeing that light for what it is, their divine essence. 

By picturing this light in the being, in the annoying neighbor, in the deceitful friend, it becomes an act of the imagination but one which can effect our perception. We picture the divine essence in them, we start to understand them as divine.

Theoretical timing

Another tactic I use when having a difficult time seeing someone as divine is to remember that time is not actually liner, we just currently are perceiving it as such. This means, that boss that seems rude and totally unenlightened, he may have been a guru of the great mysteries in his last life. He has likely already experienced enlightenment. Perhaps you even hoard quotes from his former incarnation like seeds of gold. 

It is important to remember that you can learn from everyone, even the one that seems to not have a spiritual bone in their body. Their enlightenment has already occurred, even if this current lifetime doesn’t seem to reap the benefits of it. But, by understanding that the being before you is enlightened and at one with the Source of all things, this can help you to understand that they are a divine being in their own right.


Listening to your own inner guidance is also a helpful act in seeing another individual as a divine being. When you notice or catch yourself starting to judge another, even just through your tv screen, take a pause for yourself and ask that higher self what it is that you are not noticing about that being or what different perspective you can take of the situation before you.

We live in a physical world full of digital manipulation and content curation. Being aware of this and not taking everything at face value can help, but what is most important is to seek the guidance within, to ask your own inner spirit and light to reveal the truth of what is before you. That is where you will hear the ultimate truth.


And, if all else fails, just work on loving everyone fully, with your whole heart at all times. Just send them love, even if you cannot see them as divine, send them love. 

A few years ago I had a dream, well, it was likely the archetype of a nightmare, where some evil creature of some kind was out to get me. But, instead of running or fighting, I sent that creature love from my heart, I shot them with love rays, and they transformed in front of me. 

Ever since having that dream, I use this visualization of love light literally streaming out of my heart onto anything that may be labeled as fear. This helps to transform what is in darkness to light right before my eyes.

Do you have any tricks or tips you use to see the divine in all beings? Do you find certain people more difficult to see light in than others?

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