Can you believe that it is already October?? How is your year going? 

Before this year started, I was asked many times what the energy would be like for this coming year. After the tumultuous year which was 2020, many people were looking for some relief in 2021. What I said back then and what it has felt like since, is what I call a “meh” year – not too bad but also not that great. Just kind of “meh”.

And now that we are towards the end of the year, we get to experience the beginning vibrations of 2022, and with that, we usher in a new wave of energy. But, before we get there, we still have two months left in 2021, two months which are filled with lots of potential for action.

So…what I am talking about…

Well, really, I am not fully sure how this energy is gong to choose to manifest, but I am looking at this week for clues and guidelines.

This week, that of October 4th – 10th, we have a lot of action going on in the skies astrologically speaking. There is a new moon which happens on the 6th which has mars on top of it, as well as planets stationing and going direct (pluto, saturn). All the major “malefic” planets come into play this week and have something to say.

But, with that said, this week is more of a kindling week, a week which gives the fuel for what will happen in the coming months. This is why I say I’m not sure how the energy is going to fully play out as we end the year, but I am paying close attention to what transpires in these coming days. 

Take note of any personal, community, and worldwide happenings which occur this week. These will be the precursors, or the kindling, to the energy which continues to build and develop as we finish off the year. 

We finish 2021 with another square between Saturn (planet of stability and institutions) and Uranus (planet of sudden change) which has the potential to act as a trigger point for the coming year. 

None of this is said to provide discomfort or to suggest a worrying outcome. Far from that. Our potential as a civilization is in the process of shifting to a much higher and clearer vibratory nature, but to get there, it must shed the past which has weighed it down, it must bring light to the areas of darkness which still exist and allow healing to occur.

Another common question I get is, “when will things get back to normal”? Well…that depends on what you consider or choose to label “normal”. What I answer, half-jokingly and half with full belief, is “2024 baby!” Yes, my view of the future is one that starts to stabilize more fully, resemble something more akin to “normal” in 2024. 

So…who is ready for 2024???

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