We have all heard the word karma battered about in our daily lives. “Don’t do that you will get bad karma!” “That probably happened to them because of their karma in a past life.” “Karma’s a bitch.”

But…what exactly is karma and how can we understand it from a mystical and metaphysical perspective?

At its principle, karma is the outcome of cause and effect. You do this, this happens. 

This sounds pretty simple, right? You do something “bad”, you don’t follow the rules, you get punished.

But, this is not actually how karma operates on this material plane. We have all seen someone or know of someone who we could deem a “bad character”. Someone who just seems like a not so great person, who doesn’t treat people kindly or speaks poorly of others, maybe even is involved in some violence. We see these people and we would expect karma to make itself known by these individuals suffering in some way. But their lives look great from the outside. Maybe they are millionaires or billionaires. Maybe they seem to have a great life. Looking at them from this perspective, we can wonder if karma actually exists.

Well…that isn’t exactly how karma works. To truly understand karma we need to look at the bigger picture. We need to take a step back from the microscopic view of our individual lives and see the bigger picture.

Let’s take this all the way back to the beginning.

All is One. 

In truth, there is no separation. The principle of separation is a false construct which has kept us in this perpetual cycle of birth and death and re-birth. All an illusion of our own creation. All a result of our own free will.

So, if All is One, this means that anything removed from Source must eventually return to Source. 

You take a piece out of a puzzle, it is not complete until that piece is returned.

For All to be One, the individualized particle must return to the Source.

Now, we take this principle and apply it on that microscopic single human life scale. As above, so below. What effects the greater also applies to the singular. 

So, if what is removed eventually returns to source, this means that the thoughts we think, the actions we take, the words we speak, eventually return to us. 

Everything we put out into the world acts as a boomerang and eventually comes back to us.

Now, what gets confusing is that sometimes this boomerang does not come back right away. Sometimes we do a bad act and we do not see the consequence right away, the boomerang goes all the way to Sweden before turning around and starting its journey to us.

Because the time particle is not instantaneous, we sometimes do not realize that our actions have consequences and must be accounted for. The link between cause and effect is not clearly seen.

But, if we see the larger picture, if we see that All must return to Source and that this applies to us as well, we can see how the karmic cycle takes place.

This means that, the bad character in this life may be a victim in their next life, receiving the same treatment that they put out into the world. Their action returned to its source. Maybe not instantaneously, but eventually, in the grander cycle of existence.

Since we know karma exists, how does that effect your day to day reality? 

Knowing that our thoughts, words, and actions act as a boomerang sent out into the world can help us to pay attention to what we say and do. It is all as simple as the Golden Rule – to treat others how we want to be treated. To love our neighbor as ourselves

Sometimes, what we need to truly understand this is the “why” behind the action. Why treat your neighbor as yourself? Because, eventually, that action will come back to you, just like a boomerang. 

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