With the readings I do, I get the opportunity to interact with many spirit guides and share in the messages and lessons they pass along. This has given me the opportunity to hear some pretty amazing nuggets of insight, some of which I end up applying to my own life or mulling over for days after a reading.

In the past, I would often see an inspirational message and then maybe forget about it in a few days, replaced by other words of wisdom that crossed my path. But, lately, I have taken to writing down a few of these quotes to savor later on.

I am coming to understand the power that quotes have to shape and change people’s minds and attitudes. Saying a quote, a few words strung together can remind an individual, not only of the words and message but also of the feeling that was felt the first time one encountered those words.

So, instead of hoarding these inspiring quotes I have encountered, I felt maybe it would be a good idea to share them with others!

How you use these quotes is up to you. Read them once and then go on with your life. Take one at a time and savor it. Whatever you like. 

Here they are – Quotes from Spirit Guides

“Help is not something which is seen as a white flag of surrender.” 

“Open yourself to this joy and wonder and you will understand that knowledge can never be earned. It must be experienced to be enjoyed.”

“Do not discount the tiny acorn as you do not discount the oak tree. Let each be as they are meant to be.”

“If you never fall how are you to know what it feels like once you stand?”

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