What is the energy like coming up? What can we do or expect with this energy? There is a lot going on astrologically these next few months and into the start of the new year, so what can we expect from this torrent of energy which is present for us at this time?


The guides use the word “cultivating”. This is a time to cultivate and tend to those things in yourself, in the world, in which you want to see grow. Watch where and how you spend your time. Where is your attention focused? 

A lot of time in our modern world we like to give our power over to someone else – playing the victim mode in our lives by saying that someone else, something else, has the control in our lives. But, the guides say it is time to take back that control and see that, really, all along, you were the one with the wheel in your own hands leading yourself astray.

What does this mean for us practically? This means paying attention to how much time you spend doing tasks in your life and looking at what those tasks are. Do you spend hours a day on social media? Is that influencing the way you behave? How about the shows you watch? Are they violent? Are they intensely emotional or full of suspense? 

Recognize where you are putting your energy and pay attention in these areas. What you focus on grows, especially now. If you are focusing on binge-watching the latest Netflix series full of violence, you are going to see more violence in and about you. You are going to have the energetic frequency of violence readily available in your field. 

If you do not want this in your field, shift what energy you feed that field. We, as a society, need to learn that, just like what we feed our bodies, what we feed our energy has an effect as well. You want a healthy body, feed it healthy foods. You want a healthy vibrational field, spend time focusing on healthy activities.

We are in a time of cultivation right now. What you focus on grows. Pay attention.


Next, the guides say the word “rest”. Right now, there are a lot of intense energies coming at us from all angles of the solar system. Our physical bodies need time to process these energies and they do this best by time spent resting. 

This winter period (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) is a wonderful time to allow your body to rest. It is still important to engage in some form of physical movement, but do not try to push your physical body beyond its comfortable limits at this time.

Additionally, sleep becomes important when you are being bombarded with outside energies. This is the mechanism your body uses to digest these energies and incorporate them into your energetic field. Just think of how every aspect of your being works better after a good night’s sleep. You need to retain information, you must first sleep to seal that information into your mind. Do you need to process the energetic vibrations from the universe? You must first sleep.

Rest is important for everyone during this time when outside energies are prevalent in the vibrational field. 


Next, the guides say the word “engage”. This is a time when we can pick and choose what it is we want or desire to engage within life – from the people, to the situations, to the events that transpire. 

You have a choice here. Many people have a difficult time making decisions. They think there is one right answer, that there is one path for them to walk. But, this is not the truth. No one has just one mission in life or purpose. Instead, there is a myriad of opportunities waiting for you.

This is a time to not fret over what is the perfect path, or the real true purpose before you. Instead, now is the time to engage with the life that is in front of you. Do not think about what could have been or what could be, but instead pay attention to what is.

Yes, we all know you want a different house or a better job. But, instead of worrying about these things, pay attention to what is right in front of you and engage with that. Be where you are, right now, in this moment, not where you thought you should be or where you think you should go.

Engage in the life you have in front of you, not the potential past or future which does not exist.

Cultivate – Rest – Engage

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