Does your heart have a mantra or a prayer? Words, emotions, symbols it says over and over again, even when you are not aware of it? 

Check-in, and see if this is so. See what words your heart speaks when you are not listening. 

Personally, I have worked with a variety of mantras or affirmative prayers throughout the years, but, my heart has chosen to pick which affirmation it prefers even as I try to change and modify it. This heart song becomes my unconscious mantra throughout the day, it also acts as an anchor to my soul, a tether to the divine. 

When I feel myself getting too much into the physical world, lost in the mundane tasks and not connected to that universal force, saying this mantra, this heart song, will pull me suddenly and quickly back to that quiet heart space where I can view the world from a more objective and loving perspective. 

So, what is my heart song? 

My personal heart song are the words, Loving Kindness. Loving on the in-breath, Kindness on the out-breath. 

Over the years I have tried to change this mantra, to make it fancier or seemingly spiritual, but that never works. My heart always beats those words – Loving Kindness. 

Do you have a heart song? A mantra which your heart beats when you are unconscious or unaware? 

I read a book once where a woman spoke of her heart song being the Jesus prayer (Kyrie Eleison) and I thought that sounded rather neat and more “spiritual” than my own heart song. I mean, it is in a different language and everything. There is even a Mr. Mister song with those words. But, no matter how hard I tried to force my heart to beat with those words, it just would not take.

I heard of another individual whose heartbeat the words Inana Rakhma (loosely translated, I am unconditional love and compassion in Aramaic) and I really wanted these fancy words for my heart. This one I tried really hard to implant, using it as my meditation mantra for weeks, speaking it in my thoughts as I fell asleep at night. But nope, my heart still beat Loving Kindness.

What this has taught me is that, while our heart songs are important, sometimes they are what they are for a reason. Sometimes your heart song has found a nice comfy place to be that fits your vibrational tone and accord and trying to change it is not meant to be. 

So…what is your heart song?

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  1. Thanks for this, Mary. Wanting something new and improved is true for me too, but my heart always goes back to Peace. It sounds much too general and simple; I wish it was something “better” or more original, but that’s always the first thing that comes to me. Peace.

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