“My dear ones. You are currently in what we will call a season of change, a time of transition. The birthing processes have started, and yes, you are aware of this. You are aware of the changes that are taking place, have taken place, around you at this time.

And, as birthing processes go, you know there may be pain, there may be heartache, but there doesn’t have to be. The reaction to the process which is unfolding is a human one, a personal one. How you decide to handle this process, watch it play out, is for your own choosing.

Make the choice. Do not say that others are making the choice for you, but instead acknowledge the active role you are playing every moment in your day of making that choice, of knowing what is before you, of watching it birth into the reality which you have deemed appropriate for you at this time.

Many of you will balk at this suggestion of choice, but it is true. You decide how to spend each moment. You decide how to think and participate in the world. And we ask you to be cognizant of that choice. To be aware of what you are choosing to birth and create right before your eyes.

You may ask us, how do we do this? How do we birth a new reality and be cognizant of that reality in the process of formation?  For this, we give you an exercise.

Close your eyes at this time. Let there be a light smile on your face. Take that smile and bring it into your heart. Let that smile engrain itself in your heart so that with each beat, that smile grows into a grin, into an act of love. Let that act of love be your guiding light, your guiding force. You may open your eyes now.

Simplicity is the key. The lock is before you and with the simple act of loving your neighbor, you will find that lock opens to a world filled with joy and possibilities. 

Now, look at the life before you. Do you see heartache? Do you see destruction? Do you see an uncovering of the darkness that has crept into the world and lain as a blanket over humanity without our notice, becoming a comfort to those who like to sleep? It is time to rise up and remove that blanket. Some may feel the chill without the blanket of darkness before you, but it is time to rise we say.

We say that it is you, my dear one, our dear ones, that are the warmth that is to provide the comfort to those around you. Without the blanket of darkness, your inner light must warm those whom you see, those whom you hear, those whose sphere of influence you have stepped into. Be the warmth. Be the light.

We say this for you as a participatory act. This is not an act of release, but an act of faith, an act of being. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ said a great being, and you took that as an act of revolution. But we say, take that as an act of your heart. Be as in the art of being. The art of your heart.

We ask that your mind, your focus of attention, be on that of love. You want love in your world? You want the birthing process to prove to be an act of love? Focus on that act. The mother who focuses just on the pain of the birthing process does not see the light of the child at the end. It is the mother who knows the act brings forth the light that smiles through the pain. 

We ask you to remember the light. Remember the love that is to come. Focus on that love, not just during your morning rituals, but throughout your entire day. With each breath, with each thought. We ask that you concentrate on love, not on hate, not on destruction, not on the potential of unknowing. 

And we will leave you with this for today. You are an ultimate being of light. You are the warmth of all creation. We ask you to acknowledge this light within yourself as you acknowledge it in your fellow being. Shine that light and radiate the world with warmth.

Blessed Be.”



Sometimes I feel like guides become like a broken record, repeating the same statements over and over again in different forms. But, why is it that they keep repeating these same messages? Perhaps because we do not follow them in the first place?

This message, like they say, sounds simple – love your neighbor – be love – shine your light and warmth. 

But, when you think about it, this can be really difficult. They are not saying to be loving just to the ones you love, but to everyone. We currently live in a very segregated and dualistic society where you can physically start to see the “sides” people choose, waving proudly outside their houses as literal flags of participation. To love our neighbors, means we have to love the one displaying the flag that irks us and irritates us. We have to love them fully, even though they present as an opposing side, a polarity to our being.

This radical act of love can be a challenge because we are not taught it as children, instead, we teach our children out of this habit. There must be one winner of a game and if the child insists that everyone is the winner, we must teach them that only one can prevail. We say it is not developmentally appropriate for the child to insist that everyone is a winner – but maybe we have the wrong way around. Maybe it is the child who is at the correct stage of development and it is us who must unlearn the process we have been taught.

The guides always speak of this idea of watching our thoughts and where we place our mind and I think this may be the most difficult of the “simple” tasks they proscribe for us. Take a day, or even an hour, and really watch those thoughts and see what you expose yourself to. What kind of emails do you get with different headlines of destruction? What shows do you choose to watch at night? Are there even shows that just offer a ray of hope, love without the violence, truth eternal? 

Our current culture, even our history of the world, is one of violence and destruction. To shift this, to create and be the change, we must all act as beacons of love. Just being love, focusing our minds on love, throughout the day. A simple task that proves to be quite a difficult one.

If you feel like joining this discussion, please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on these words from SEA today.

*** SEA is a collective entity providing guidance to those who seek. Find more of their work at The Words of SEA ***

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