Here we come to another year. For many, it doesn’t even feel like 2021 happened, we are still stuck in 2020, such is the nature of the energy this year. 

There is a great curiosity about what 2022 is going to be like – what to expect. Ever since the energy of 2020 people are on guard, hesitant about the changing of the years. Well, let’s just give a brief overview and then dive into a more detailed look.

If we say 2020 was an eventful year, one filled with many distinctive events, you can also see that those events allowed people to rally around their “side” and a feeling of “coming together” was still there. Even though “bad” things were happening, there was still a sense of togetherness. 2021 was more what I would call a ‘blah” year. Big events didn’t move us forward, just a general feeling of nothing really getting better, or even things seeming to get better but slipping back quickly after that. The sides were still there and definable, but there was also a sense of not knowing which side is right or what to do in a given situation. 

2022 will be like 2020 and 2021 tied together. There will be more world/national events that have people wringing their hands, but that sense of togetherness that linked everyone in 2020 will not be there. Instead, the general malaise of 2021 will be the backdrop. But, for those who can find a sense of community, you will find a greater sense of freedom and security than those still struggling.   

So, with that brief summary in mind, here is what the guides have to say.

The guides start off with the image of a man hitting a ball out of a baseball park. The image shows a stadium of fans watching a game. Behind the brightly lit field, it is dark, pure blackness, a night game. On the field, there are bright lights that illuminate both the players on the field and the fans in the stadium. The focus of the scene is right after the man at bat hits the ball and the “crack” of the collision between the ball and the bat.

This symbolic image shows that the energy of the coming year is going to be “event focused”. There will be several event-type situations on which people laser focus their energy and attention on. These events will likely be “sided”, with different people cheering for different teams, but with one individual as the driving force behind the attention from both sides. 

It seems like this is going to be another divisive year for us on planet earth. This tension between “us and them”, between the duality of points, between the “haves and the have nots”, is still readily apparent and has not dissipated. There is the pull and the tension between the sides ramping up again this coming year.

And, do not lose focus on the “fan” aspect here. People are on sides and they are entertained. The calamity of the world right now serves as entertainment for many people. The “gossip” of the time has shifted from office politics to global crises and people are enjoying the chance to bathe in this energy. 

Pay attention if you are one of those people. Do actually derive pleasure out of the latest tragedy? Does it give your “platform” or your “side” something to stand for? Sometimes this is a difficult thing to admit to yourself, no one wants to say that they enjoy watching tragedy unfold, but it is oftentimes the case. There can be an energetic boost from watching hours of news coverage of the latest event. Are you one to do this? Is it time to turn off the tv? 

Next, the guides send an image of a strong man pushing a car. This seems like an endurance challenge and the race car in front of him is not moving on its own. Instead, it is sheer willpower pushing – driving this car forward. The strongman, even in all his expertise, must stop occasionally to wipe his brow as the act is a challenge even for him. 

Usually, cars and transportation devices symbolize the forward trajectory of our paths in life, with those that move faster, jet planes, showing fast forward movement and those that move slower, bicycles, showing slow movement forward. Here, we have a race car that wants and desires to move quickly, but who is being powered by brute force instead of a modern engine. 

This coming year, it is going to be difficult to make much forward progress on your life path. Those that do are going to do so out of sheer willpower alone. One must decide if this is the right “car” or right path to be on. Is the effort worth the outcome? Are you putting in the force for something you actually want or is this just something society has told you you desire? 

This is going to be a year for people to make personal decisions for themselves and their families. What is actually “worth it”? What is it that they truly value and that makes their heart sing? Ideals and realities are likely to be challenged. 

Next, the guides send the image of a woman who appears out of the 80’s – permed hair, bright pink t-shirt with black polka dots tucked into acid-washed jean shorts. She seems to be waiting impatiently, looking at her chipped nail polish, chewing gum with an open mouth, tapping her foot. 

This feeling of being stuck and trapped in the wrong era will be prevalent this upcoming year. People may feel like they do not understand what is truly going on around them, that they felt comfortable in previous generations but this modern one is confusing so they will just wait for someone to help them out.

There is this juxtaposition happening in our world currently. The old and the new, side by side, but with totally contrasting and difficult to reconcile realities. There is the old of the engines and dollar bills and cause and effect versus the new of bitcoin and microchips and illogical conclusions. Which world is it that you choose to live in? Which world is it that feels home and right for you? 

Those who are uncomfortable with the coming energy, the next generation, the “modern future” are going to feel stuck on the sidelines a bit this year, just waiting for the latest “fad” to fade away so they can get back to their “normal”. But…will this “normal” be there while they wait? Is it possible to live in a world without technology taking center stage? That seems to be the question of this decade and one whose path has not been fully decided. 

Overall, the energy of 2022 is going to be… event-focused. How you choose to perceive the energy and the outcome will depend on where you sit in the metaphorical stands. Really, those who choose not to watch, who have left the ballfields and are ignoring the game, may experience a different reality than those caught up in the next big drama. 

But, that reality beyond the ballfields is also an unknown. A reality that is created by your own choosing, your own decisions on what you choose to feel. Recently, guides during a reading explained that the world we live in isn’t rational, one plus one does not equal two like we believe it to be. Instead, the world around us is reactionary. It forms to what we choose to make it, where we focus our thoughts and attention, what we choose to send out. 

This concept very much feels like a way “out” of the drama of the coming year. You can still believe in the rational world around you, the baseball field, and the game everyone is watching, or you can choose to leave the stadium and go into the black unknown where the world is created in a reactionary way, where you choose what is before you. This is the truth of how the world works. It is your choice whether to focus on the game or whether to leave it behind and focus on love, creating a more peaceful world around you. 

What is your choice? 

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