I’ve already looked at the Energy of 2022, but I thought it might be helpful to simplify everything by just looking at the numerology of 2022 as well. We can always use an extra heads-up on what to expect. 

One thing that you may readily notice is that there are several ways of looking at the year 2022 which gives a blend of different energies that we can discuss.

The traditional way of seeing the numerological energy of the coming year is to simply add up the numbers. In this instance, we would have a 6 vibration. Next, you can look at the ending two numerals as we tend to abbreviate numbers when writing them out by just using the last two. Here you get 22. Finally, because of this specific year number, you can see an abundance of just one number, thus we can merely look at the number 2 to see what energy there is. 

Of course, the true energy will be a combination of these varying frequencies which will be found woven throughout the year.

With that intro, let’s look at each of these numbers individually, and then we will weave them together for a fuller picture. 

Numerology of a 6 Year

First, let’s look at the traditional method of year-ahead energy. The number 6 is a vibrational frequency that speaks of community and working together. It is a number of service, the act of working for someone else or something else besides just yourself. This is the vibration of the heart and unconditional love. The act and frequency of healing. 

So far it all looks good right! And it can be, but it may be difficult for those who are used to living in an ego-driven world of “me first” and self over others. Take a really close look at your life and see if this may be the case. You may find yourself needing to think and work for the “greater good” this coming year which could be a little different from how you are used to living. 

Numerology of a 22 Year

Along with that 6 energy of service to others, we have the energy of 22. This vibrational energy may be a little familiar to you as 2020 also had this energy prominent as its theme. The 22 frequency is that of the master builder. Looking to a larger plan that takes the pieces which are around you to create something that has a larger and more involved purpose.

You may remember back in 2020 where life and what was seen as “normal” seemed to fall away from you and a different way of being reemerged? Well, that is the energy that 2022 has with it as well. But, don’t be fooled, the cultural story of 2020 is one of “bad” things happening and “trauma” but, realistically, that may not necessarily be how it actually manifested within your own life. Take a look around you to see how you are actually doing. What “positive” aspects of this new life have you created and built since the vibration of 22 came into your life?

Numerology of a 2 Year

Then we have the energy of 2s prominent in the coming year. The frequency of 2 can be a coming together or it can manifest as a duality – a quality of “us versus them”. You may find those “sides” that we saw prominently in 2020 come back again with people almost being forced to choose which “side” they want to be on.

In 2022 we have one additional 2 vibration which could show itself as a third or alternative perspective. The idea of exiting this matrix of duality and finding a different way of being and thinking. That energy is always available but more so this coming year.

Weaving it all together

Now, let’s weave all these numbers, 6 – 22 – 2, together to come up with a fuller and more in-depth depiction of the energy and frequency we can expect to experience in 2022.

As we saw in the Energy Forecast, 2022 will have a similar echo to that of 2020. One which is event-focused with a predominance of the “us versus them” narrative which has ruled our domain for so long.

We may also expect to see the further revelation of structures that are not working, those that need to be rebuilt and seen in new and more innovative ways. Focuses on money and food production could come into play as a revitalization or renewal of supply vs. demand is reimagined in innovative and unique ways.

Community is the aspect that binds this coming year together. Finding others that share a common love for humanity and goals will further build bridges that can support a new system that is being birthed into being. 

You may also see a revitalization of the local – communities physically close to you. The use of land and local agriculture may become topics and the better use of space and land particularly in regards to agriculture and food production.

Healing and different alternative methods will continue to pop up, especially those that center around love and a sense of connection to the earth. Energy healing and food as medicine can provide a sense of comfort and growth this coming year.

There you have it! 2022 in terms of vibrational numerology. 

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