Reiki has become increasingly popular over the last decade as an energy healing modality that almost anyone can learn and utilize. This is great for energy healing as a whole. The more widely people know about energy healing in general, the more it has the potential to be accepted as a healing modality.

However, Reiki may not be effective for everyone or everything. When practitioners claim that a reiki experience may result in a calm feeling or a sense of renewal, this is generally correct. But, if you are expecting reiki to heal every manner of energetic disturbance, you may have been misled.

While Reiki is a wonderful healing modality, what it is at its core is a certain set of frequencies mixed in together. This packaged frequency set is great at healing or providing comfort to a number of energetic conditions, just not everything.

If you think of energy healing as a set of waves or frequencies and then convert those frequencies into colors to provide some context, what you get with reiki is an energy package of indigo, green, and red all delivered in tandem together.

These colors, in general, are great. Indigo is a higher vibrational frequency that works well in the head area while green is a general-purpose heart-centered energy. The red frequency is lower in tone than many wavelengths and tends to be very grounding in nature.

These three colors or frequencies in combination are a wonderful collective and work fantastic on a lot of people. It is just, not every energetic issue or hiccup needs or requires this particular energy package.

There are also some energetic issues that are a little more complicated and require a more nuanced energetic frequency or technique. I’ve run across an individual who, through trauma, had red vibrations crossed with their pink frequency, misplacing their anger through acts of love. A simple reiki session would feel good for this individual, but it would not uncross the metaphorical wires in the brain. 

I have also run across physical ailments in a body, those such as growths or cancers, that align to a completely separate vibratory level and did not benefit greatly from reiki energy previously provided. Sometimes a growth was caused by high frequency and needs a much lower tone to see improvement. 

All this does not mean that Reiki energy is “bad” or “wrong” to use, just that it has its place. There are many wonderful reiki practitioners out there that provide a great service to many people. 

Ultimately, I believe the best source of healing energy is the self. The self is who ultimately does the healing, even if someone else provides the frequency for alignment. True energy healing is just the offering of a vibratory frequency to another and the individual receiving the energy is who makes the decision (usually unconsciously) whether to align to that frequency and accept the healing or not. 

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