Every so often I write a post about the importance of meditation. But, in reality, it isn’t really the act of meditation that is so important, more the awareness of the silence. The knowledge, feeling, sensing of the silence/stillness behind or underneath the thoughts.

So, why is this awareness of the silence so important?

It is in this silence where we communicate with the divine essence, the creator source, our guides/angels/loved ones, the source of all things, God. From this silence, we touch our essential selves and are able to be with the oneness of all.

Meditation is merely a tool to help get us there. It is a tool to help focus the mind, the body, and the spirit on awareness – on nothingness – on everything – on silence. A tool to help wake the soul from its perpetual slumber to see the glory which is always around and before it.

Do you use this tool? 

It does not matter which technique you use, and there are many. What matters is finding that stillness behind the onslaught of thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Once you find this stillness, true communication can begin. 

It is really that simple. 

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