Throughout our lifetimes our auras change as our interests and how we spend our time in the world change. Usually, the aura will be predominately red when we are toddlers, with the primary occupation of young children being learning how to use and manipulate their bodies. School-age children’s auras are generally yellow as obtaining knowledge becomes a central focus of their world.

The aura will then continue to change and adapt as our interests as individuals change and take shape, melding to what vibrations our thoughts and actions put out into the world. Sometimes staying consistent for years, sometimes changing each week or month. Each aura is individual and unique just like the person it surrounds.

But, one thing auras have in common is their behavior when an individual nears the time of their transitions. People (and pets) will have their auras add in a white color, a halo surrounding the usual auric field, when they have what I term an “outpoint” – a moment in time where they can leave this world if they choose to.

It seems that both people and their pets have these outpoints at various times in their lives. I suspect there is no structured setup, people are not relegated to three or four of these, but instead, they are as individual as the auric field itself. 

From what I have seen, these outpoints make themselves available to an individual, like an old cartoon image of an angel waiting in the corner of the room, seeing if the person is ready to make their transition, offering up their services if the person is ready. But, at this point, with just the white surrounding the auric field, it is just an option, not something set in stone.

If the person chooses to take the outpoint, their aura will then change further. It seems from about 24 to 48 hours (again, generally, but not always the case) before a person makes their final transition, their auric field will lose the traditional colors it held and shift to a field containing just white, pink, and gold. 

When reading the auric field, white is associated with a high level of energetic involvement, usually what people term “angels”, an element of awe and reverence is felt at that level of the field. Pink is a color of a high degree of lovingkindness, that generally nice and kindhearted individual. Gold usually accompanies our ancestors or a connection with them. This is the color that is usually seen around individuals who have mediumistic abilities, showing a connection to those who have already made their transition. 

With these three colors, an individual will free themselves of their connection to this physical world and make their transition to the world beyond this one.

Something interesting that I have noticed is that our pets who make their transition (I have not paid attention to animals outside of pets so I am not sure about wild animals) is that they do not have this gold layer. When pets transition, they usually just have an aura of white and pink without the added gold layer.

I personally do not like to think of humans as being above the animal world, so this has always been a bit of a confusion point for me. Of course, animals may just have a different aura color which I am not aware of, a frequency tone that is not common in the human spectrum or field and so is something I cannot see or relate to, such as infrared or other colors outside the human vision. 

What is clear, however, is that when both people and animals make their transition, they are surrounded by love. The pink energy which is available to everyone is one of love and kindness. A gentle transition into a different world. 

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