Every few years I get the urge to study Russian. I don’t know why, but this seems to be a pattern. I’m perpetually at the beginning stages of this process, but always trying to improve with different study techniques. So, this go around, I decided to add watching shows in Russian to my regiment.

While perusing different options on youtube, I stumbled across a show called гадалка (Fortune Teller or Psychic in Russian). I am always up for any show that portrays psychics in a favorable light, so I was more than ready to give it a shot.

In this show, we follow the character of Lucy, a woman with untapped psychic abilities, as she tries to get the police to look for her sister whom she believes is dead. After the first couple of episodes following this plotline, the show then turns to having Lucy the psychic as part of the detective squad helping to solve different homicide cases around the city.

What I particularly like about this show’s portrayal of a psychic character is that Lucy did not always know what her visions meant. The information was at times symbolic, and while she knew it was relevant to the case, she did not know how it fit in until more information was accumulated. 

This show was a treat to watch, and with only 16 episodes the creators did a wonderful job of fleshing out the characters and pulling at the heartstrings. This is a show I will definitely be coming back to to brush up on my Russian skills, or to just enjoy again at a later time.

If you are interested in watching this show, it is available for free on youtube with English subtitles (you have to click to watch it on youtube, not on this website):

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