The hearts of the world are heavy watching the ongoing involvement of Russia in the Ukraine. Why is it that world peace is always an answer when asked what people want, but it never seems to occur? This type of situation always creates an energy wave that will sweep across the world, and with that in mind, let’s look at the energy of what is currently unfolding.

Asking the guides for the current energy, they send an image of soldiers in line marching, focusing on a section with drums, counting out the rhythm. Dum, dee-dee-dum, dum, dee-dee, dum. The soldiers march on. Looking closer, these are not real men as soldiers, instead, they are caricatures, nutcracker-type individuals, stiff and precise marching in line, following orders.

The current energy right now is not a new one, it is one that has been woven into the fabric of our current world for generations past. This idea of conquest, of having and not having, of control and power over others, this is woven into the fabric of our world and the vibrational plane that we live in. This is the current energy, one that has existed before and will continue to exist. The idea that power can give you the authority to take from others.

In the image we see the soldiers marching and following orders. Can we blame the soldiers? They are doing what they are told to do, caricatures of a human being following orders. The drum calls out their rhythm, a rhythm that tells them what to do. The drumbeat stops, so will they. The drumbeat speeds up, so will they.

Children of the earth, we ask you to listen. The conflict you see before you is, but does not have to be. You allow those in charge to make decisions which affect the lives of many. But is not the many more powerful than the few?

What you are witnessing is the culmination of the energetic convergence of the energies of the past meeting with the potential energies of the future. Which do you choose to engage in? Which do you choose to engage with?

You have a past that has been characterized by war and domination. You say you are a modern society now, but that modernness was built on the back of destruction. The idea that your modern world is any different than colonial times is a falsehood.

Instead of asking why you are here, we ask that you question how this narrative can change. How the hearts of men will stop answering the call of the drum and, instead, answer the call of their own heartbeat.

To this, we will speak now.

It is the measure of man to understand the world before him as a series of realities in which he is placed. He plays the role of the victim while life sweeps past him. But this is not the case. The truth is that the world around you is one in which you create.

You do not want war, stop fighting with your neighbor. The energy of one act will reverberate to the many. You want peace, find that peace in yourself. Tell yourself that you are love incarnate and believe it. 

The act starts with you as it always has and always will.

You want to know what to do, where to put your energies in the coming days to help the situation happening in your global connected world, we will tell you this. Pray for peace. Peace for all men, all creatures, but peace, most of all in your own heart. It is from this heart center that peace starts and peace remains. 

And so it is.

Looking, in general, at the energy of 2022, and what we have coming before us, we can see that this conflict is one in a series of events that are going to continue to test us this coming year. All of us as a collective society will face our own reaction to how we engage in the world we live in. We are given the opportunity to see how we react and respond to the events and energies before us.

Another overall theme of the energy of 2022 is that of community. This idea of community wants and needs is tied in with the 6 energy which is reigning this year. You will find your greatest strength as a member of a community and this is the key to solving any problems you may face, that we may face as a civilization.

With that in mind, your response to the current unfolding in Eastern Europe will be in line with what community you are a part of. It is through community that we find comfort and it is through community that we find strength.

What this means is that not everyone will react in the same or similar ways. Some are part of a community that prays, and this is where they will focus their energies. For them, praying is a more effective use of their energies and efforts than direct action. For others, however, a more unified direct action may be their calling. Listening to their heart of hearts will tell them how to gather together with others of similar communities to call forth what is needed at this time.

We each have our collective roles to play on this earth. The drumbeat is calling not only the soldier but the prayer warrior and the activist. Combined effort through local community is the power which can move mountains, just as strong as faith and just as loving as the heart. But, above all, we must find the peace within our own heart first. It is from this heart space where our true work comes. It is from this heart space where our action must begin.  

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