What is it with humans that we like to complicate matters? 

I recently finished reading the book Essenes: Children of the Light. In this book, through past life regressions, the reader gets a picture of who Jesus really was and the message he brought to the people of that time. This information is brought through regressions from a variety of people who lived during that time period, but particularly from an elder of the Essene group who was around.

What was most interesting about the being that was conveying this message was that he was shocked at what humanity had done to the message of Jesus. One thing he stressed was that the message was very simple – love and forgiveness being the keys to ascension/enlightenment. No dogma. Nothing you had to do every day. No churches that needed to be built. Just love everyone and forgive.

It seems, however, that humans don’t like the simplicity of that message. Is it just that simple things can sometimes be so hard to accomplish – but why is that?

While reading the book, it reminded me of The Words of SEA: Towards a Better Future, in which the entity repeats multiple times that their message is actually simple, but then goes on to describe it in 100 steps because people like to complicate things.

I’ve heard this repeatedly from guides during client readings as well. Life is really meant to be simple. The answers are easy. You can always look to your heart and you can always look to love.

And really, the message, the meaning, the purpose is simple.


So, here is a challenge for you today. Who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to love?  

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