Please, please, please learn how to read and interpret energy. Knowing what type of energy is surrounding your clients and where you can be of best service is essential to the task of a healer.

You may be wondering why I am stressing this. Well, since I have started offering free energetic healings I have had numerous individuals come saying that a reiki healer said that they have an energy attachment. When I have looked at all of these individuals’ energy, not a single one has had an attachment.

It is imperative for reiki healers to learn the difference between an entity that is attached to an auric field, a spot that represents pain or energy imbalance, and general energetic debris. All of these can take on the same colors but they have vastly different structures.

If you cannot tell what type of entity is attached, you should not be telling the client that they have an entity attached to them, especially if you cannot detach or provide assistance to detach that entity. 

So, with that said, I am not going to leave you without help here. How does one learn how to distinguish these different manifestations of energy? Well, practice. But also reading some books can be of assistance too.

Here is where I plug my book Chakras and Auras. This book will give you a great overview of what energy looks like and how to read energy yourself. There are techniques in this book that you can begin using right away to read energy. 

To distinguish who or what is attached if there really is an entity attached, check out my Psychic Development book or any basic level psychic development book. Just a basic ability to tune into energy frequency will allow you to know what it is that is attached.

I also highly recommend Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan as a great overview of reading fields. Also, the book, Quantum-Touch by Richard Gordon provides a useful guideline for moving energy that is not just reiki. 

Reiki is a wonderful service that is now so widely available, but remember, there is a responsibility if you are undertaking the task of providing healing to another individual. You must not do more harm than good. 

Call in the love. Call in the light. Assist individuals instead of creating more chaos and fear in the world. And if as a healer you are ever in doubt about something you see, I am happy to assist in letting you know if there really is an energy attachment or something else going on.

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