Sometimes, in the realm of the spiritual, it feels like there is an emphasis on the spirit of matter instead of matter itself. The idea of the indwelling spirit becomes what is important and not the existence of matter itself.

It seems, as a society, we have lost a connection to matter itself. Matter has become something that is to be dominated and formed to our choosing. It is something that is molded and shaped by our words, deeds, and actions.

But, what if we started to see matter itself as divine? What if, instead of focusing on the spirit having the human experience, we focus on the wholeness of spirit and matter together as one?

The thing that is so great and wonderful about the life we lead in this incarnation here on earth is that we are actually here on earth. We have an opportunity to experience the joy and heartache of being earthly citizens of humanity. And, this experience means that we have the opportunity to experience the spirit and matter coming together in wholeness and completeness. 

In order to honor the sacred in each means to honor the matter of each as well. They are interwoven and cannot be extracted from the other. We can enjoy matter as matter or spirit as spirit, but to get the complete experience we must meld the two together and honor the wholeness which is created.

So…practically…what am I going on about here? What is my point here? It seems, so often, people are drawn to focus on one or the other – spirit or matter – causes that align with the spiritual or causes that focus on matter. But, when we allow ourselves to see that the spiritual and the material world are not two separate entities but a combination, we allow ourselves to truly experience what it means to know the divine.

This means, honor the trees, not just because they hold the indwelling spirit of divinity, but because they are matter as well – because they are a tree. It is the divine within and throughout the tree as well as the material of the tree which creates the love upon which this world is fabricated and exists. 

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  1. I just experienced this for myself..I was so upset every time I would question and almost demand some form, proof… physical matter that the my spiritual guide was not me actually hallucinating… my humanness could not except the beauty of all the earthly matter we have before, like how a tree is sculpted exactly like a human lung or how a walnut looks like a human brain how…..I have a picture I’d love to share with you of how my demand was answered by the way.

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