When I’m doing readings, I tend to forget what guides have said soon after they have said it. This allows a full cutting off of the energetic bond between me and the client. However, when guides for multiple clients start talking about the same thing, I take notice.

And this is what has been happening recently.

Guides have seemed to focus and strongly speak about love recently. This isn’t anything new, but the way they have spoken about love has shifted. Specifically, about the idea of giving and spreading love. Using imagery of love as a superpower or as a force or as a tool. They show love as a positive aspect of who we are as humans that can help. Something mere mortals can actually do in this scary world we live in.

A recent guide put it this way, “love the hate, meaning to love those beings whose vibratory rate put them in the grips of hate.”

In a world that seems to get scarier every day, sometimes it feels like we can’t really do anything as just one person. What can one person do to bring change to the world? 

But, the guides seem to see it differently. One person is as powerful as any force in this world. One person’s love does indeed affect change. 

With that said, though, you have to actually love. You have to put that love out into the world. And you do this by loving all of creation, not just those that you like.

One modern channeler that I greatly respect is Paul Selig, and his guides put it this way, “you cannot be the light and hold another in darkness.

When you want to do good in this world, you must hold all beings in love. And by this, they mean all beings.

If you think of all of creation as one, the oneness of all, then that person on the news caught in the grips of hate, that is your little toe. That person on social media making memes full of violence, that is your left ear. That person down the street with a flag that represents hate, that is your right elbow. How can you hate your little toe, or your ear, or your elbow and still be a person of love? How can you hate any aspect of who you are?

Instead, it is imperative to love the all. You do not have to like the all, as our modern society tends to put things into categories of likes and dislikes. There is no approval necessary to love. You do not approve of the hate, but instead, focus on loving. 

Love is a superpower. Love is a force of good. Love is a way to lift up your fellow man. You may not be able to physically see the vibration of love, but it is there, just as strong and powerful as your wifi signal. 

This is your mandate to love. Love the all. Love the little toe, and the ear, and the elbow. Love all aspects of creation. 

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