“Dear child of the light, we have come here today to offer guidance for those who seek council. And are guidance is this.

Do not make a mountain out of a molehill. Yes, we enjoy this statement of fact and it is one in which we would like to expound.

What we mean is this. When something is bothering you, treat it like what it is, an irritating gnat, but a gnat nonetheless. It is not a dragon come to defeat you but instead a gnat that is merely a nuisance to you doing what it is meant to do, and that is fly around.

Why should we be surprised when a gnat flies near our face? That is what a gnat does. It is just behaving as it believes it should, it is just acting on instinct. So, when we are annoyed or distracted by others around us, why do we act surprised? Are they not just doing what they have been trained to do? What their instincts are telling them to do? How they have learned or been programmed to behave?

You live in a world of shoulds and musts, but what you really need to realize is that the world is supposed to be one of loves and can dos. We focus on what we love and what we can do for others. Not on what we feel we should or must do.

When we switch our focus, our concentration, our center of being shifts as well. Then when a gnat comes into our purview, we do not view it as a nuisance, instead, we view it as a creature doing what it has been groomed to do, what it believes it must do.

When we speak in this manner, sometimes we seem to be waxing poetically or speaking in riddles. For this, we apologize and we would like to bring in a concrete example to make our case before you.

When you are driving along in your automobile and another motorist cuts you off in traffic, how do you behave? Do you get angry and wave your fist at them? Do you follow closely or grumble loudly? Or, instead, do you realize that this being before you has been taught, has been conditioned, to get what they want, to cut in front of others in traffic because they are late or not paying attention, or because they believe they are worthy of being there. 

If instead of being upset, you realize that a gnat is just doing as a gnat has been told to do, then one can go about their day focusing on what is in the heart, focusing on what they love and what they can do.

This means the reaction shifts from one of annoyance to one of sending love and good wishes to the individual. The one who is in a hurry may have an important meeting to get to. We all hope they make it in time and the meeting goes smoothly. Now we can go about our day.

And so, you see, this is what our message is for you today. One based on the idea that gnats may be annoying, but they are just doing what they are meant to do, so what purpose or help is it to us to get upset with them? Instead, if we can love the gnat, if we can love the irritant, then we can create a world which radiates in love.” 

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