All around us, throughout our day, there are a variety of signs from the cosmos helping us along on our journey through life. You may see a butterfly and be reminded of a deceased friend or encounter a traffic sign saying “wrong way” just when you are about to make a wrong decision. These signs seem to follow us wherever we go and provide helpful guidance as we navigate our earthly lives.

But, sometimes, there are signs in front of us that are so blatant and every day that they are easy to miss. Here I am talking about the signs and symbols we see in everyday life and just take for granted, not thinking about what they mean or how we should utilize the information.

Perhaps the most obvious sign I can think of is that of a deciduous tree. Looking at a deciduous tree you can’t help but be reminded of a lung. These trees help us breathe and they carry a structure very similar to our own breathing mechanism. 

Another obvious sign comes from walnuts, those little nuts that resemble the human brain. How is it that those tasty nuts just so happen to be great for our brain health?

This topic has been on my mind lately because of the leaves that are starting to fall around where I live. Most mornings I go for a walk in our local park which is abundantly dotted with cottonwood trees. These trees produce leaves that, when found in my path, look very similar to a heart shape. This reminds me that these trees are not only a good companion for my lungs, but also a soothing balm for my heart.

What signs do you see in your daily life that are so obvious they are easy to miss?  

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