There is this feeling in the air right now that is kind of difficult to explain. I’ve been trying to write this blog post for a while but it either sits in my drafts or gets deleted because this is something that words do not really feel right enough to explain.

It is this, that there is this feeling that we are standing at a precipice, and that our next step, where we go from here, is not quite clear, but we know that it will happen and be different from where we are now.

The best way I can explain this is with the Fool card in tarot. That is the energy that is coming through right now. The Fool is about to step off the cliff, but is there another mountain across that tiny gap or is the Fool going to blunge down to the depths? 

And here is the thing, I just don’t know. As a psychic, I’ve been probing this energy for a while now, trying to pick apart what it means exactly. Is this energy for me personally? Is it for the collective? Is it more localized? 

What this energy is, is illusive. It is energy of change. It feels like it will come in the “near distant future” (whatever that means), but where exactly it leads us, what exactly it means, that I cannot be sure.

Now, I am not saying here that we are transitioning into fifth-dimensional energy or whatever dimensional energy is popular to talk about right now. This is not what I mean. I am speaking more practical here, down-to-earth and mundane. The earthly energy around us is shifting, and I cannot figure out what happens next.

It is like we are looking at the Death card in tarot, the card of change, but the next card has not been turned over yet, or is the Seven of Cups, with all our options still up in the air. There is a fog in front of us and the way forward is not clear, although we know we must walk forward.

And, in case you are wondering, yes, this is annoying not to be able to read what this energy is – like an energetic cloud of mist blocking the vision forward.

But, one thing is clear, there is a strong focus on love. In the readings I do, the Message from Guides, there has been a consistent trend lately to center each reading on love. I’m sure people are requesting the readings expecting to hear about their career or relationships, but that is not what their guides are giving them. Instead, the messages have been consistent, focus on love.

So, where does that leave us? How and where are we going forward? What is across this precipice? I am not sure, but I do know that love is always the answer.

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