September 17, 2022

You, as a society, deem failure to be a bad thing. It is not. It is actually the opposite of a “bad thing”. It is an opportunity experienced. What can be more wonderful than an opportunity that has been experienced? 

When you have tried something and it does not work out, that is showing the glorious wonder of your place on this earth. Trying and not succeeding is just as wonderful as when you win.

The opportunities that have been placed in front of you and will be placed in front of you are not all meant for success. Sometimes it is truly the experience that matters. Sometimes it is the people you meet along the way. The one person whose heart is changed, made better, by knowing you are worth so much more than any success you may accomplish.

Right now, you live in a society that is concentrated on personal success. But, we tell you, personal success isn’t what this life is supposed to be about. This life which you are living right now is supposed to focus on collective gain. Collective gain means touching the hearts of others, specifically, touching the hearts of one.

There is no need to try in this endeavor, instead, it is an act of being. Being the loving grace and presence that you are assigned, meant, destined to be, the chord made manifest and struck so all can hear. This is what changes the hearts of others.

For, it is the song heard back, the echo, from the heart of another which causes the angels to smile. Not your success at work or on the playing field. 

So, when you fail, fail with grace, as it is just one heart that needs to be touched and loved for true salvation to be at hand.

And so it is.

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