I have been engaging in a super secret project these last few months and I am ready to tell everyone about it. Maybe you would like to join in as well. It is fun…trust me!

This is a project I have affectionately labeled the “I love you” project. It is relatively simple and can be done at any time. Are you ready to hear how you can participate? 

When your mind starts to wander, in those spaces in time where you normally start worrying about what’s for dinner or what the person in front of you thinks about your new shoes, in those pauses in time, think “I love you” instead of focusing on the humdrum of life.

See, very easy. Just direct your thoughts away from all that boring chit-chat you engage in with yourself all day long, and tell whatever or whoever is in front of you that you love them. Of course…I’m not saying to do this out loud. You can if you please, but this “I love you” project is mainly focused on your thought patterns.

And when I mean say “I love you” I generally mean direct it toward someone or something. Say “I love you” to the lamp in front of you, to the boss that is nagging you about something that really doesn’t need to get done, to the toe you stubbed against the bathroom door. Say “I love you” to absolutely everything – animate, inanimate, boring, exciting, whatever it may be.

You can even say “I love you” to things that are not in front of you. Say it to the moon and stars, to the aliens across the galaxy, to the deity you admire, say it, think it, to absolutely everything. 

And then, when you run out of things to say “I love you” to – say it to yourself.

So…what do you think about this new project? Are you ready to engage in it? It will be especially helpful during the upcoming holiday season full of parties and family get-togethers. Wouldn’t it feel more productive to allow your mind to think “I love you” to all your co-workers rather than judging the date they brought to the office party? Or maybe you could say “I love you” to the present that you are trying so hard to smile at but you know will be regifted in the next week. Perhaps even letting the words “I love you” run as a constant mantra in the back of your mind as you go about your day, honoring and respecting all that you interact with. 

The “I love you” project is open to everyone. No strings attached. Try it out and let me know what you think! Do you enjoy it as much as I do? 

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