The past several years have felt very heavy, like we are wading through the energies, just trying to make it through, not necessarily looking for progress or growth, but instead just looking for periods to rest. 

The 2022 forecast centered around events and our reactions to those events – big movements from world players which we watched from our seats in the audience as players acted out their parts on the world stage. 

This year, the theme follows the idea of perceptions, both examining how we perceive the world around us and figuring out why this may be. If there was one feeling, one image or sense of being to categorize the year ahead, it would be the image of a land filled with winter snow, covering plants and trees alike, but with evidence of spring present at every turn if we choose to see it – the subtle sound of snow melting and dripping off roofs, the sight of a crocus flower emerging beneath a layer of white, the vision of winter buds on a frost filled tree just beginning to open. 

This coming year is a year where the goodness of the world, the possibilities of the world, are there if we choose to see and admire them. A year based on the possibility of hope. 

Looking more deeply at the energy coming up for us in the year 2023…

First, the guides send an image of what they call the “collective mixing pot”. This is a pot, more like a cauldron, that is filled with a porridge of what looks like bland, cream-colored oatmeal. In this porridge, there are many rainbow colors being mixed in, creating a swirl of color amidst the dullness of the cream color. 

This common symbol shows the idea that this year, it is about adding color and joy back into our dull lives. The focus this year is not on the cream color, the blandness, which still surrounds everything, but on the color, the light, and the joy which is making itself known in our lives at this time. 

Children of the light, this year is a year of love, a year of hate, a year of understanding. The covers have been withdrawn. You have seen man for what he truly is. A mix of hate and torment, but also a vehicle of love and kindness.

How you choose to see the man in front of you is up to you, but if you choose to see each as a vehicle of love, then you will truly know and experience the joy in which this world was founded. 

In your creation myths, you speak of Eden, a place of ultimate joy and happiness. But how can you conceive of Eden if it doesn’t at once exist, it is built as a layering into the cultural fabric of your creation, thus this Eden can be found, is possible, and does exist. 

This Eden exists now, in this time and space. The many colors you see before you are representative of this Eden being made manifest in this creation in which you live. Embrace this Eden and it will embrace the life in you.”

Speaking of these colors reminds me of a sunrise. There is so much beauty and wonder when the first rays of the sun hit clouds in the sky. The colors formed are brilliant, changing and taking different shapes as the sun continues to rise into the sky. How often do you stop and admire a sunrise? A sunset? A plant in front of you? The details of this world are absolutely beautiful, but we must take the time to pause and notice them. Perhaps, this coming year, you can make it a goal to notice these details, to notice this “Eden on earth” that exists now and at this time. 

Next, the guides send the image of an older woman rocking in a rocking chair. She appears to be sitting in a corner without much light, but there is one lamp next to her which allows the shadows to be put at bay. As she rocks, she hums a song, the “song of creation”. 

Do not be afraid our children of the light. Do not fear for what God has brought to you men can never put asunder. 

The world around you is one of light and love. We say that Eden is made manifest through your creation myths and thus does exists, we will also say that love is the profound compound upon which this whole system lays. 

When you sing the tune of your fellow man, when you hum the words of your creation myths, you create what you deem brilliant before you. When you sing the song of your heart, when you sing the praise of mankind, the world before you opens up into what it is truly meant to be, a world of love made manifest.”

This image of the older woman and her message is a reminder to us that we are all mothers, we all birth and create the world around us. You don’t even have to get metaphysical here, we can speak of mundanity in practical terms. What you put out into the world shapes the world around you. You can choose to create and see love in the world or you can choose to create and see hate. 

This idea of singing the song of your fellow man, of seeing the possibility of goodness and love in those around you, the world around you, is a major theme this coming year. Do not be a victim to the life you create. You are the hero in your creation story, so act out that hero’s journey and birth the love that is possible. 

Next, the guides show an image of a woman looking into the mirror. Her face is close to the mirror and she is lining her lips with a deep red lip pencil, creating an outline for what is already there. This color is much darker than her actual lip color, creating an illusion for others to see.

In general, when makeup is used as a symbolic message, this speaks of hiding the true self and changing the outer appearance to shield the inner one. Sometimes it is fun to try out different costumes or ways of being in life, but other times we do this to hide the truth of what is inside. 

Do not be deceived into thinking that the world around you is an evil one. This is a myth as well, but a myth built on the lies of man and not the truth of the gods. This is a story that has been told to you to deceive you into the truth of mankind.

The truth is, that when you knock on the heart of all men, there is always love waiting to answer the door. But your lies have manipulated you into believing that the essence of man is one of good versus evil. This is not, and cannot be the truth. The essence of man is love. There is no dichotomy here. The essence of all men, women, children, beings, is one of love.

When you see the person before you, do not see this vehicle as one built on hate. Hate may have tinged its surfaces, been applied to it like a cultural custom, but it is not the essence of the man. The essence of all creation is that of love.

When we tell you this message, you will immediately begin to think of outliers, those you know or have heard of that cannot be based on love. And to these, we will tell you that false truths have been spoken. If you allow a soul to develop naturally, if you take away the manipulation which has become a cultural norm, if you strip all this away, you will see the base of all as love.

This manipulation which we speak of is one that has been with you for millennia. The tribes of the old have created it, weaved it, into the ways of the now. This is the story that man owns the land. That one has authority which another does not. 

But, you can look and see for yourself what a falsehood this is. Does any one man truly own any one piece of land? How can a living creation be owned by another? This falsehood has been built up and repeated for generation after generation until the base of love has been hidden so well that you think evil could be the base of mankind.

Take away the ideas of ownership and you take away the idea that one is created better than another. Take away this idea and you can see that love of fellow man, love of all creation, is the true base on which you all, we all, sit. 

This coming year, we ask you to take off your rose-colored glasses, your glasses made of prisms reflecting the cultural conditioning of the past centuries, the past millennia, and see the being before you for what they really are – a vehicle of love.

How are you going to choose to live this next year? Are you going to see them as vehicles of love? Are you going to choose to see the flowers blooming through the layer of snow, or do you choose to focus on the snow? It is our choice. What do you choose? 

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