About Me

pexels-photo-900103.jpegHello.  I’m Mary Shannon.  I’m an intuitive consultant whose ultimate goal is to help you see the light within yourself and to direct you to your soul’s purpose in this lifetime – I know, not an easy task!

I know the term psychic and the whole metaphysical field can sometimes seem pretty “woo-woo” or even scary, especially, when I tell you that you have a hole in your aura or that your dead aunt Martha has a message for you.  But, I want to help normalize the field – to bring it out of the “spooky” realm and show you that it is actually a practical helpful tool.  Something that we are all inherently born with – yes, even you!

I love what I do and I am excited to share this world with you.

Please join me on this journey and peak around this little corner of the inter-webs.  Along the way, I’ll share my knowledge regarding various topics I’m interested in including spirit guides, books, tarot, dream interpretation, astrology, psychic development, spirituality and even how to incorporate all this into your busy modern life.  You can check out my blog for information that can help you on your spiritual journey.

I’d love to read for you sometime!  If you would like a reading head on over to my Etsy page for a list of available readings or, if you don’t find anything that interests you, just contact me and I can put together a custom reading for you!

Metaphysical Certifications and Training

I don’t believe that you need any sort of certification to be in this field, but I also realize that people find certification alluring.  For me, the best way to learn anything metaphysical is through practice and everyday experiences.  But, with that said, I have received certification in a variety of fields and for those who care here is the information:

Certified Astrologer through Kevin Burk’s Talented Astrologer program 

Certified Dream Interpreter through Melissa Virtue

Reiki Level II Usui Tradition

Certified Spirit Medium through James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts