SEA’s Messages

SEA (pronounced say-ya) is a collective of entities who channels messages of a spiritual nature. Their work can be found on this website as well as at

The Words of SEA: Towards a Better Future

The first book from SEA, The Words of SEA: Towards a Better Future, is a compilation of their channeled messages into book form. Their work is always offered up for free to the collective through their website. This book is merely a compilation of these texts into a printed or digital format for ease of read, and, other than a brief introduction, there is no new content in this book form.

Bibliomancy Tool

Not really a traditional book, these bibliomancy tools are designed to assist you in your divination journey. Created as a resource to help you tap into your psychic abilities – a tool in the shape of a book.

words on a page: A Bibliomancy Tool

~Bibliomancy is the art of divination through the pages of a book~

With, words on a page, readers divine answers to questions or take a peek into the future. This simple book is designed to use as you choose – flipping to a random page to find answers or just readings for pleasure. The words featured are taken from dreams submitted by individuals from around the world over a series of years. They feature the bizarre and the mundane, just as we experience in our nightly adventures. These words on a page work as a tool for bibliomancy – for finding answers to your questions.

Friend to Friend Series

My goal for the books in the Friend to Friend Series is for them to act in the capacity of a friend explaining spiritual and esoteric topics in a way that is down to earth and practical for your everyday life.  I want my best friend to read this series and gain a better understanding of the metaphysical world.  In the same vein, I hope that you find these books entertaining and educational.  My desire is that you can learn in a fun environment and then spread this knowledge out to your own friend base.  This way we can all benefit from this knowledge that should be a part of our everyday education.

Psychic Development: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Psychic Abilities

You are psychic. I know, pretty cool, right? Wait…you don’t think you are? Well, let me show you that you are in fact psychic and you have likely been tapping into these abilities throughout your life.

This is a beginner psychic development book that is designed to walk those new to the psychic field through the steps necessary to both recognize what psychic insights look like (hint, you likely won’t be seeing ghostly apparitions in your kitchen) and how to strengthen your natural abilities so that you can call on them at any time.

What makes this book different from others on the market is that I won’t be giving you tons of exercises to do with friends. In fact, you can complete all the psychic strengthening exercises in this book alone whenever you have a few minutes to spare – perfect for any introverts out there!

I believe that everyone has psychic abilities and if we were trained to realize what they actually look like, we would be using them throughout our day. This book will give you the tools and exercises needed to become confident in your natural abilities and realize that you are psychic.

Get yourself a copy of Psychic Development here and start flexing those psychic muscles!

Dream Interpretation: A Practical Guide to Understanding Your Dreams

Interested in figuring out what your latest dream was all about – check out Dream Interpretation: A Practical Guide to Understanding your Dreams.

Have you ever had a dream that shook you to your core and left you wondering what it was about? Dreams have immense power over both our waking and sleeping life. In this quick book, we delve into the purpose and meaning behind your dreams, from why you have them to what they are trying to tell you. This book gives you the tools to decipher your dreams your way using analysis and symbols that are personal to you. This is not a dream dictionary but rather a guide you can use to understand the true meaning behind your nighttime slumbers.

Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to the Energetic Body

If you have always wanted to know about your chakras and aura, well, I’ve got the book for you.  I wrote the book Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to the Energetic Body (psst. – if you click on the book title it will link you to Amazon’s listing for it – and that is an Amazon affiliate listing, see the disclaimer on this page about what that means) as the book I would have wanted when I was first starting out learning this material.

This book provides everything you need to know in one location.  You get an overview of these different systems, walking through what all the chakras are and the different aura colors, while also exploring about energy in general.  Then I teach you different techniques so you can figure out what your own Energetic Body actually looks like.  I couldn’t end the book there, so the pages that follow contain information on how to fix any imbalances, as well as some fun “games” to play to reinforce this information.  Following all this, I provide you with some of my favorite meditations.

So if you are new to the energy world, or just want to actually figure out how to read your chakras and auras on your own, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of my book – but of course I would since I did write the book…

Other Books

The Witch’s Book of Love

Guys, I’m super-duper excited about The Witch’s Book of Love. This is a fun and entertaining book that walks you through how to use your witchy ways to find and keep love. By the end of this book you will know how to utilize numerology, palmistry, astrology and spell craft to find your romantic partner and keep them. 

No need to worry if you don’t know how to read palms or calculate your life path number. This book is designed for both the novice and the experienced witch, providing the basics to get you started quickly and more in-depth information on potential romantic matches. 

The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need: A Modern Guide to Cards, Spreads, and Secrets of Tarot

If you have always wanted to learn Tarot but don’t know where to start, The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need is a great introduction to the subject. This book covers everything you need to get you started, from the history of Tarot to how to discover what the cards mean and how to apply them.

Once you get started on this journey you will soon come to realize that this book may actually be the only book on Tarot that you need. It will give you the advice and resources to trust yourself so that you will be comfortable reading Tarot right away.

So, if you have an interest in Tarot, check out this book!