Dream Collector


I am a dream collector…and I would like to add your dream to my collection.

In this exchange, you will receive a free dream interpretation from me and I will get your permission to use your dream in any future work I do – of course removing your name and any details that could lead back to you.

For the “why” behind this project check out this blog post.


If you are interested in this exchange please fill out the form below with the following information:

– your name
– email address to send the PDF interpretation
– A detailed description of what you can remember of your dream – use the words that first come to your mind and don’t stress about missing details.
– if another person is in your dream please tell me a little about your relationship with them (for example, Bob my younger brother or Suzy my childhood friend I haven’t seen in twenty years) AND provide the first three adjectives you would use to describe them (for example my old boss was funny, infantile, kind hearted while my next door neighbor is aloof, old, nosey).
– If you believe there is something currently going on in your life that could be influencing your dream world please make note of that as well (for example – if your father just passed away or if you are up for a promotion at work)