Energy Healing

treatment-finger-keep-hand-161477.jpegEnergy healing is a very powerful tool that can assist individuals in balancing their chakras, clearing their aura of blocks, closing up holes and tears in the aura, and getting rid of any “gunk” that is hiding in your energetic body.

I provide this service to my clients as a method to assist in their healing process.  Throughout the years I have seen chakras and auras in all different kinds of states. Many times, an individual will not have a reputable healer in their community to assist in balancing their energetic body.  This is where I come in.  I provide distance energy, which means I can offer you my healing services no matter where in the world you may be.  This energy is just as effective as if we were sitting next to each other and I was touching your feet.  Energy does not conform to the same space and time paradigm that we live by.

If you are interested in an energy session from me, first you need to purchase a “Complete Energetic Body Reading”.  You can do so with the PayPal button below or go to my Etsy shop.  If you have previously purchased an energetic body reading, I can use that one as long as it is less than 3 weeks old.

In the “Complete Energetic Body Reading,” we will get an overview of what your chakras and auras look like and the causes behind any irregularities in your energetic body.  I require this reading to be completed first because it will give us an idea of what an energy healing session needs to look like for you and what methods/techniques and time allotment is necessary.

After you have had your “Complete Energetic Body Reading”, if you are interested in receiving distance healing from me, you can purchase one of the options below.  If you would like to know which healing session would be best for your energetic body, please email and ask before purchasing.

Your energetic healing will include a variety of methods and techniques that are specific to your energetic body.  I also call in my guides and your guides to help in the process.  They may occasionally provide additional insight for you, which I will pass along if this is the case.  After the session is complete, I will check your chakras and aura again to see their state.  Please be aware that sometimes multiple sessions over a period of time may be required to fully heal an energetic body.  Additionally, you must do your part, following the advice of your guides to completely heal and change your mindset.

When your healing is complete you will receive a PDF with a briefing on what occurred and an overview of what your energy now looks like.

***Disclaimer – I am not a doctor.  I am not purporting to cure you of anything.  What I do is send healing energy to you.  You must be ready to accept this energy.***

*I do not sell energy healing through Etsy as Etsy’s policies do not allow for the services to be sold.

– Options Available Below –

Complete Energetic Body Reading

****Must be purchased prior to any energy healing**** This reading combines both an aura reading and a chakra reading. We also go even further in depth by searching any blocks/tears/holes/gunk in your energy field and determining their energetic cause. I will also give you concrete suggestions on steps you can take to balance your chakras and cleanse your aura channeled through your guides


15 Minutes Energy Healing

This is a quick 15-minute energy healing session. This session gives you an overview of the potential that energy healing has for your body. Depending on your energetic state, this may be all that you need.


30 Minutes Energy Healing

This is a 30-minute healing session. In this session, we will really work on your aura and chakras and provide the healing needed. This session is best for those whose energetic bodies are a little out of whack (technical term there).


45 Minute Energy Healing

The 45-minute energy healing session is the longest session I provide. I find this is about the amount of time most energetic bodies can handle when given healing energy. I will work on closing any holes or tears and clearing any energetic debris during this session. This is best for energetic bodies who need a lot of work