My guides and my soul have directed me to offer energy healing to those in need (human and animal) who cannot or for some reason do not want to pay. If interested, please submit your name, birthday, and a contact email in the form below (for animals please submit name, type of animal, and gender/pronouns).

I will take a look at your energy body and perform any energetic healing or balancing which is needed. I do not typically use reiki energy, but may if your guides deem it necessary. Usually, a more universal and directed frequency will be utilized which conforms with the state of your energetic field.

I likely will not send out an email with what I found or did but may send a brief response if directed to do so (this is why I need your contact information).

If you are looking for love energy to be sent continuously, please fill out the form under the Love Vibration tab. Every morning I send a dose of love frequency to those that are in need.

*** Disclaimer: Energy Healing should never replace traditional medical practice. The energetic system forms the framework while the body is the mechanism from which function is derived. If an issue has developed at the level of physical manifestation, traditional medical advice is recommended.***