Hello and welcome! I am glad you are here. My name is Mary Shannon and I am a psychic whose main area of focus is connecting individuals with their spirit guides and spiritual team on the other side. I greatly enjoy both meeting these spirits and passing on their messages and insights to you. I am primarily clairvoyant with a side of clairaudience and claircognizance, so you will find my readings as descriptions of the images and words that I see and hear, with my personal and logical interpretation of what these could mean.

I also provide other types of readings including aura, chakra, astrology, tarot, and a variety of intuitive services. If you are looking for something specific, just let me know!

At this time I only provide distance readings – which means I connect with your energy without having you physically present in front of me – using your name as an “anchor” to connect to your energetic field. This connection can be as strong or even stronger than having you sitting at the table in front of me because we remove any of the distractors of appearance that can shade a reading. I offer these services through email, sending a PDF to you after a reading is complete – I find it easier for both me and my clients as we don’t have to find a time that works for both of our schedules.

If you are interested in meeting your spiritual team or getting an intuitive, tarot, chakra, aura or astrology reading click on over to my Etsy shop.  

Intuitive Readings

these are good for everyday questions as well as the big “why” questions.  I offer readings in a variety of areas, from who are your spirit guides, what is your life’s purpose, to any question you may have on your mind.  My intuitive readings are mainly clairvoyant in nature with me describing the images I “see” and then interpreting these for you.  Check out my monthly Seven Cups Forecasts for examples of this type of reading.

Astrology Readings

astrology readings give you a blueprint of the energy and abilities that you were born with.  Sometimes these readings fit perfectly with what you are up to right now – other times they may seem far from reality.  It all depends on how you are living your blueprint.

Aura/Chakra Readings

if you want to know the state of your energetic body, I offer a complete energetic reading that combines aura, chakra, and intuitive information.  I also offer straight aura and chakra readings if you just want to know what’s up!

Tarot Readings

tarot readings offer you the visual that straight intuitive readings are lacking.  With these, I pull cards as well as channeling intuitive information, then combine the analysis.  I find that tarot cards will add another layer of information to readings.