Bibliomancy Tool

Not really a traditional book, these bibliomancy tools are designed to assist you in your divination journey. Created as a resource to help you tap into your psychic abilities – a tool in the shape of a book.

words on a page: A Bibliomancy Tool

~Bibliomancy is the art of divination through the pages of a book~

With, words on a page, readers divine answers to questions or take a peek into the future. This simple book is designed to use as you choose – flipping to a random page to find answers or just readings for pleasure. The words featured are taken from dreams submitted by individuals from around the world over a series of years. They feature the bizarre and the mundane, just as we experience in our nightly adventures. These words on a page work as a tool for bibliomancy – for finding answers to your questions.

Spirit Guide Books

Meet the Spirit: A collection of Spirits and Their Messages

Between 2018 and 2020 I invited spirits and guides to come forward and deliver a message to post on my website.

During this time, spirits took on many different appearances, giving a visual representation to their energy or the message they wanted to deliver.

They also came up with a variety of names, some former names they had in previous incarnations, some names they enjoy, some names that match their message.

Their messages were as varied as their projections, from practical life skills to spiritual esoteric information.

This book contains eighty of these spirits. Their messages bring a sense of hope and peace.

Meet the Spirits is available through amazon

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