Most Tarot Readers have a favorite or signature Tarot Spread (the way they lay out the cards in front of them) that is their go-to when doing readings or a preferred spread, one that they look forward to using throughout their practice.

I definitely have some go-to’s that I love to use for certain questions, but I have to say my favorite type of tarot reading involves looking into the future.  I love giving a little “sneak peak” into what is going on during different segments of time.

IMG_0172There are several ways that these spreads can be read.  Perhaps the most popular is the classic 12 month year-long spread that people traditionally like to get for their birthdays or at the new year, but can really be gotten at any time during the year.  These spreads have a tarot card for each month of the year, giving you an idea of what the energies will be like for each month ahead.

Looking this far into the future does have some drawbacks.  I find that I can generally get a pretty accurate sense of where someone’s year is heading, but if there is a major decision point or a change in mindset, things can change.  And these readings usually end up giving a very broad overview of what the energy will be like, big picture energies, not the everyday nitty gritty stuff.

Perhaps the most helpful use of these year-long readings is to see where there are major shifts or turning points that show up in a year.  These are months that you can look forward to or prepare for.  For example, I started the year with a ten of wands then a ten of swords month, two months of difficult energies involving endings.  I was prepared for these “vibes” around me.  This coming August and September I have a Death then Tower card to look forward to, two months that will definitely shape my year.  I know to expect change and I can work on going with the flow of these energies instead of fighting them.

One thing to think about though, is that you do not have to do a year-long spread if you do not feel the need to look that far into the future.  You can always get a three or six month reading.  These “tighter” readings usually end up being more precise as the energies are more current.

IMG_2779If you are looking for something even more relevant, my favorite is the week ahead reading.  I really enjoy choosing three cards, one representing the energy for Monday/Tuesday, one for Wednesday/Thursday, and one for Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  I also sometimes like to throw in an advice card as a fourth to help me get through the week.

I like these readings because they deal with the more every-day occurrences, not only big picture stuff.  These are the readings that can give you a heads up when the energies aren’t great for getting projects done or the best time of the week to make that important phone call.

I usually do this reading every Sunday or Monday to give myself a preview of what my week is going to be like.  I also like to take a picture of this reading and use it as a background wallpaper on my phone so I can be reminded of my cards whenever I’m curious.

So what are your favorite tarot spreads?  Do you like to get/give “sneak peak” readings?  Or would you prefer not to know what is coming up for you?

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