This week’s book is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett – now I probably lost some of you with just the title of this book.  A kid’s book. A classic. How can this have anything to do with metaphysics?

Guys, guess what – this book is metaphysical as f*ck!

So, quick summary for those unfamiliar with this classic. There is a secret garden. Some grumpy kids find it. Playing in the garden makes them happy and healthy. That is basically the plot.

But, you know what. This book has magic in it. And ritual. And positive thinking. And chanting. And intention bringing about manifestation. And ghost visitation in dreams. And guidance from nature. Guys – this book is filled with witchcraft. 

Okay – so I don’t think I’m crazy here as Chapter 12 is even labeled “Magic”. 

Just read this quote:

“Right now, I am going to try a scientific experiment. Magic is all around us in this garden. I know it. This garden made me well. When I stood that first time, Mary kept saying to herself, ‘He can do it!’ and I did. Of course, I had to try, but the Magic helped. Every day I am going to say, ‘Magic is making me well!’ That is my experiment.”

They then sat in a circle, chanted “The sun is shining! The flowers are growing! Being alive is Magic! Being strong is Magic! Magic is making me well!” Then they proceeded to march around the garden.

That sounds like a pretty witchy ritual right there doesn’t it! Who would have thought that The Secret Garden is chocked full of metaphysics?

Have you read The Secret Garden? Do you remember the Magic that runs throughout it? What other classic books can you think of that include Magic?

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