So…I did a little thing…

The theme of interpreting dreams has come up a lot for me recently and I decided to finally get my Dream Interpretation book (psst…all links are amazon affiliate links) out and about. So…in case you are wondering how to interpret your dreams…you can always go and get yourself a copy of my book.  Right now it is only available through kindle, but that might change down the road if there is enough interest for a physical copy.

Now, in this short (yep, it is pretty short – and for a reason) book, I walk you through the metaphysical reason and purpose for dreams as well as showing you how to actually interpret your dream yourself – without outside help.

The reason this book is shorter than your average dream dictionary is because it is not a dictionary. There is a reason that these dictionaries do not always work for people – symbols need to be interpreted by you personally. There is only so much an outside person can do to help you interpret your dream because they don’t know you and your inherent symbolism.

That is why, through this book, I work to show you how to use the information that is personal to you to figure out those confusing dreams you have. 

I like to explain it this way. For me personally, I live in the midwest where we have a decent number of tornados. Growing up, tornados were something that I would get anxious about and worry what would/could happen. So, when I have an anxiety dream, they normally have tornados in them. 

Now, someone who has lived in California their whole life likely won’t have an anxiety dream involving tornados. Instead, for them, their anxiety dream may involve earthquakes that come out of no where. This is why dream dictionaries cannot always provide us with the best analysis to our dreams and what they may mean.

So, if you have a dream that you would like to interpret, go over and get a copy of my Dream Interpretation book and figure out what it means!

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