Have you been waiting for this post?? I know I’ve been putting it off. What a crazy and interesting world we are living in right now. Can you believe you signed up to experience this human life? I know – right!! 

Okay, enough stalling – let’s see what the guides have for us.

The guides are showing me a chess board and an older man, kind of looking like Poseidon, moving a white chess piece. This is a message about strategy and people playing a strategic game with what is going on in the world right now. I just did a quick google search and read a couple of sentences about Poseidon…so…hopefully his role as a god of sea, earthquakes and storms isn’t why he is featured in this reading. I have felt the urge to learn more about the gods of the past, so maybe there is something to this – I’m not sure. I will say, what I get from this image is the idea that July is a “set up” month, a month where the players of the game are moving to their spots. It isn’t necessarily a month where you are put into “checkmate” instead a month where the board is being set.

The next image my guides are sending along is of the image of a cloud blowing air – I know, it sounds silly but that is the image that is popping up. Well…that again feels like a double reference, one pointing to the possibility of storms and, in particular, wind damage, while the other points to the notion of “hot air”. July is the month to be aware of people who are just talking to be heard and not really providing any substance. Really pay attention to what you are hearing from other people and from the media this month – are they providing real information or are they just talking out of their asses?? 

The final image my guides are sending along is of a mountain range with a sunrise happening and the sun just starting to shine on them. In July we are going to finally start to get a peak at what it is we are really facing. We are going to get glimmers of the mountains we are going to need to climb in the coming months. Again, we may not be actually on the mountain – we may not be in checkmate – but we are seeing what is in store, at least the beginnings of what awaits us.

Thank you to my guides for this information. Again, remember that I receive this information through pictures and words and then I use my logical “human” side to interpret the information I receive. If you interpret an image a different way, use that, that is how these message becomes personalized to you individually instead of to the masses. 

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