Right now the energy on the planet is…blah…I’ve described it as a thick blanket laying over everything making it difficult to move and allowing tempers to rise. But, that doesn’t mean that this energy is “bad”. It is just something to be aware of. 

I have found that this last six month period has really allowed people the time to start paying attention and taking stock of what type of energy is around them. Are you surrounding yourself with positive and loving individuals or are you spending five hours a day on twitter arguing with someone who has a different viewpoint than you?

Right now in particular, your life is what you make it. The experience you are having is the one that you are choosing to experience. I know, it is not always easy to hear, but that is just how life is. 

I’ve been taking the guide’s advice on how to handle this energy from the November forecast to heart – narrowing my perspective on the world to make it a comfortable reality to exist in right now. What in my immediate environment brings me joy? 

In our household, November means erecting our Thankful Tree. Nothing fancy here, just a construction paper tree we tape to the wall. Then, each day we all write something we are thankful for that day. No judgments on what you write, it can be anything…yes, even farts. 

Having this Thankful Tree up acts as a constant reminder of what is good in our lives. Even though the world may seem like shit sometimes, it actually has some good qualities if you look. I mean, even farts are good – they help release excess gas from your body – isn’t that a wonderful and joyous thing??

So, here is a mission for you today. Find something positive in your life. What is one thing that brings you joy? How about two? How about a bajillion? Surround yourself with those things – focus on those things to help brighten your day and raise your vibrational frequency thus doing a service to our planet.

I’ll share first. One thing that has brought me joy today is watching this youtube video by astrologer Bracha:

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