Now that we have made our way through the “main” seven chakras, let us remind ourselves that those are not the only chakras we have in our body or energy system.  Those seven chakras are just the ones you hear talked about the most, and that is for good reason.  These seven chakras have a great affect on our body and subtle energy systems.  But, now, let us take some time to talk about some of the other chakras located throughout your body.

Other Chakras on the Body

One of the most well known chakras outside the core seven are the ones located on the palms of your hands.  These are the chakras that you use to feel, send and receive energy.  Energy healers will use these chakras to send energy to help align and heal the subtle energy bodies.  Hand chakras get exposed to a lot of everyday “wear and tear” and once you know about these chakras, you might find yourself paying closer attention to what you do with your hands throughout the day.  You may also notice when you feel a need to wash your hands even though they may not necessarily be dirty – maybe it is really your energy centers that need to be cleaned!

We have also briefly already mentioned the “higher” heart charka which is located just above the heart chakra and vibrates to that pink color.  There are also a variety of chakras similar to this around the body that are close to another chakra and have a similar resonance but a slightly higher and different frequency.  I do not have much experience with these chakras and have not found them particularly significant in my work, but one day they may be.

Then there are the chakras located at the bottom of your feet.  These chakras get easily closed off with our modern society because we like to wear shoes – particularly shoes with rubber soles which make it hard for us to feel the energy in the earth and bring that vibrational frequency into our body.  You may hear people talk about “earthing” or “grounding” where you step on the earth – grass not concrete – without your shoes on to re-connect with the planet and ground your energy.  It is these feet chakras that you are using to push your energy out and pull energy up.  A fun little experiment I have undertaken is to go on a walk without shoes on and see how charged up you can get your feet chakras.  Don’t do this too often though or you will find your feet and legs aching because we have de-conditioned our feet by wearing shoes so they are not as strong as they were in centuries past when footwear wasn’t such a big trend.

Transpersonal Chakras

I have a great fascination with what some new-age types call transpersonal chakras.  These are the chakras located above and below the seven main chakras.  If you study different systems you will find different names and locations for each of these chakras.  Some individuals claim their are five additional chakras while others say there are fourteen.  Instead of giving you a full review, which you can do for yourself by just googling this information, I will tell you what I have found to be true in my work with these chakras.

First, I have noticed that these chakras only open up when your seven main chakras are all opened and aligned.  Specifically, the root and crown chakra need to be open for the chakras above and beneath your body to open as well.  It feels like once the crown chakra is open then the chakra above this has the power to open and evolve as well, same with the root chakra.

In terms of numbers, you will find some individuals who say that there are seven upper and seven lower chakras that correspond with the seven main chakras of the energy system.  I have not found this to be the case.  What I can feel is that there are five chakras located above the crown chakra and ascending higher.  Below the root chakra I have seen four chakras, one less than above the crown chakra.  For simplicity sake I call the ones below the root chakra “sub”-chakras and the ones above the crown chakra “supra”-chakras.  So there are five sub-chakras and four-supra chakras.  And to reiterate, this is just my findings.  I have had a difficult time finding sources that correspond with what I “see” and “feel”.

With these sub and supra-chakras, I have found some connection between the two.  When watching them open over time (and it does take time for these guys to open) it appears that first one will open and then the corresponding lower or upper chakra will open.  For example, let us say that we are looking at the chakra system of an individual whose seven main chakras are aligned, opened and balanced.  Then, let us say we look above their seven main chakras and see their first two “supra” chakras are also open while the remaining two supra-chakras are closed.  To correspond with this the individual’s first sub-chakra will be open and their second sub-chakra will be in a transitional state – working its way from closed to open.  Their remaining three sub-chakras will be closed.

So in this way an individual can work to open up their supra and sub-chakras one level at a time slowly advancing up and ascending down.

If you look for information on these chakras you will see that some individuals call the one above your crown chakra your Soul Star Chakra and the one below your root chakra your Earth Star Chakra.  The lower chakras that I term sub-chakras are also called sub-personal chakras by some individuals.

So what do these chakras actually do?  From my experience these chakras are about experiencing a greater sense of connection to the divinity while also manifesting into existence your material desires.  Those supra-chakras, those are your connection to “the other side”, to the dimensions beyond this one, to the energy levels and vibrational frequencies that are difficult for our human bodies to perceived.  Those sub-chakras, those are your access to manifesting your spiritual ideals into the earthly environment.  Of taking your divine ideas and inspired thoughts and creating a physical manifestation from them.

And, let us be honest, I have not found many individuals who have these chakras open and aligned.  Only by peeking in (I know, totally not always considered ethical) on the chakras of some well-known psychics and mediums have I seen individuals whose supra and sub-chakras were opened or opening.  It feels like this is the realm of the healer, the psychic and the priest whose work opening up to the divine is at the forefront of their consciousness.

How about you, have you had any experience with chakras outside the seven main chakra system?  What is your view of transpersonal chakras?

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