Many practicing psychics are aware of one key feature of psychic ability.  The more that you acknowledge it, label it and pay attention to it, the more your psychic ability will increase.  This isn’t just the case with psychics, this phenomenon affects all areas of your life.

The thing about psychic insights is that you have likely been having them your whole life, just we do not currently live in a culture that teaches you what they are or that they are something to pay attention to.  If our educational system was set up differently, with classes on meditation and paying attention to the mind, then you would likely realize right away that you are super psychic.  But since our culture focuses on what can be seen and observed with our physical senses, those senses in the mind and energy field are easily dismissed.

One thing that I have taken to noticing is when people around me, when my friends and family members, have psychic experiences.  I like to label them as such and inform them of what just happened.

An instance happened just two months ago when my husband mentioned that he was “just thinking about Matt Lauer” the day before the allegations surfaced about his misconduct and subsequent firing.  Now did he have any reason to be thinking about Matt Lauer?  No.  Does he watch the Today Show? No.  There was no logical reason that Matt Lauer suddenly popped into his mind the day before he would become a great news topic.  This just seems like too big a “coincidence” in my book.

So what really happened?  What really happened is that my hubby likely tapped into the energetic flow and picked up on some vibrations of what was to come.  Even though he is a scientist and medical doctor, he has a great deal of intuition about him (the best doctors do).  And he was unintentionally using this intuition to tune into the energy around him.

He is not the only one this happens to – I’ve seen this occur to everyone that I am close with.  Whether it is knowing who was calling before they pick up the phone or “remembering” something that hasn’t actually happened yet.  I have even noticed that my daughter picks up telepathically something I am thinking about before I say it.

Now that you know that you are having psychic insight – what should you do?  Label it.  Say, even just to yourself, that you knew something because you are a psychic.  I’ve started doing this verbally in my own life.  When I “know” that my mother’s lost phone is in the trunk of her car.  It is because I am psychic.  When I can find my husband’s keys in the first place I look – because I’m psychic.

Labeling and acknowledging these occurrences not only helps me to grow my psychic ability, it also helps the people around me to start to notice when they have their own insights and acknowledge them as such.  Just don’t be too annoying about this – no one wants to hear they are psychic in the middle of a Catholic mass.

Over the years I have gotten better and better about noticing when these little psychic hunches come up and this has helped me to learn more about how I receive this information.  For me, when looking for lost keys I will likely see an image of the keys in the location I believe them to be in – thus working with my main “clair” – clairvoyance.  For you, you might hear a word in your head – a sound that is your own “voice” and easily dismissed – but it may just contain the psychic information that you are looking for.  For others, they may just “know” or “feel” that things are a certain way.

Your task this month, as we work on developing your psychic abilities, is deceptively easy – just pay attention and acknowledge when you are having a psychic experience. Bonus points if you write them down.  By the end of the month, you will be impressed just by the number of experiences you have.


  1. I agree with you, when you acknowledge your intuition, it increases! Last week, (the day that you posted this article) a customer walked into the store I work at and said that she was looking for self affirmation cards. I said, you want “The Universe has your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. She looked at me and said, “Yeah maybe, I think that’s what I want”. My boss looked at me and asked, “How did you know that was what she was looking for? Did you just trust your intuition? I replied, “yeah, I must have!” The customer then confirmed those were the cards she was looking for. My boss than said, “You know what’s funny? Earlier today, I was looking up Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ to see if we still had one in stock in the store. I wonder what prompted me to see if we had it?” I knew it was because we must have known someone wanted to see the book and the affirmation cards, so we trusted our intuition and we were able to help the customer!

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    1. That is a perfect example!!! And what a “coincidence” that it happened the same day as the blog post! Oh, and that boss of yours sounds great to reinforce what really happened instead of blowing it off. What a great ally in your intuitive development!


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