Many people come to me wanting to learn the state of their chakras – which chakras are closed? which are open? which need to be worked on?  I offer this service through my Etsy reading “Chakra Analysis” but my goal is to help you learn how to read your own chakras through the use of my book Chakras and Auras.

What I have learned from reading the chakras of countless individuals, and monitoring my own over the years, is that having your chakras all opened and balanced is not an easy feat!  I have read the chakra states of hundreds of individuals, and in all those readings I have only come across two individuals who have their chakras all opened and balanced…two!!!

So, this is to say that having a chakra or two closed is not something that is unusual or to be bummed about.  It is actually the norm to not have all your chakras aligned and balanced.  And yes, you can function perfectly normally with a closed chakra here and there.

Another thing to realize is that your chakra states are constantly in flux.  Their state changes from day to day depending on what you are doing or focusing on.  Some chakras will open easily and others will take more effort to get to open and stay open.

And you know those chakra meditations that say they will open up all your chakras for you…they do work…kind of.  What I have found is that doing one of those meditations will open and balance your chakras for a time, but if the underlying issue of the closed chakra isn’t dealt with, the chakra will go back to its usual state.

Now, do you want to know that the two individuals that had all their chakras opened had in common????  They were both energy workers.  They both provided healing energy to other individuals on a semi-regular basis.  By channeling healing energy through their system they were able to keep their own chakras opened and balanced.  This is not to say that all energy-workers have their chakras aligned and balanced – but it definitely helps!

This blog post is kind of like my own PSA to say that having closed chakras is not necessarily a “bad” or unusual thing.  It actually makes you normal!

Which chakra gives you trouble?  Is there one chakra that you focus on more than the others?

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