I’m on an astrology kick lately doing a number of Astrology Readings so I thought this would be a great month to tune into the energy of the different sun signs. Take a look at what energy you will be experiencing for February 2019!

Aries – The intuitive image I received is of a barn door opening. Now is the month to open that barn door and allow people to get to know the true you – the you that is smelly and may have extra piles of hay sitting around. It is only through allowing others to know who you truly are that you can then know that the friendship is real.

Taurus – The intuitive image is of an individual riding a brown speckled horse. This month is a great time to make some progress in your life goals. It may not all go smoothly, there may be some cow dung in your path, but if you don’t step in a little cow dung you won’t make it to the trail. 

Gemini -The intuitive image is of a waiter pouring water at a fancy table. This month you may find yourself having to deal with other people’s emotions. Helping them “refill” their emotional glasses.

Cancer – The intuitive image is of an individual spreading butter on toast. This is a month to make an effort to show the ones you love that you care. How about making breakfast in bed for that special someone or sending a kind note to a colleague who did you a favor?

Leo – The intuitive image is of a sun beating with a heartbeat. This is a great month for those Leo’s out there to spread their love. The best way to do that this month is to be your bright and cheery self. You may find others gravitating to your happy demeanor this month. 

Virgo – The intuitive image is of eating blackberries from your own harvest. This month you may find yourself reaping what you have sowed – of bringing in the fruits of your labors from the previous months. Whether these “berries” will be ripe or rotten depends on the work, time and effort you gave them. 

Libra – The intuitive image is of an individual chatting on the phone. This month is a great time to use those communicative abilities and catch up with old friends – or new friends. Make time in that busy schedule of yours to make those phone calls you have been putting off. 

Scorpio – The intuitive image is of a race car coming to a quick stop. Eeek! It looks like you Scorpios out there need to put the breaks on something. You have been going too fast for too long and now it is time to slow down. If you don’t stop yourself you may find that there will be an obstacle in the road that will force you to stop. 

Sagittarius – The intuitive image is of a house plant growing next to a window. Let your roots be nourished this month by positive rays. You don’t have to have a direct connection with individuals to still reap the benefits of their light. Let your own intuitive sense lead you to sources that will provide the comfort and support you need to grow strong. 

Capricorn – The intuitive image is of a fluorescent light flickering on. This month you may find multiple opportunities that will help you “wake up” and switch on your inner light. These are just opportunities and you have to say yes in order to activate them. It is okay if it takes you a little while to warm up. 

Aquarius – The intuitive image is of a woman laying on a beach towel on a sandy beach but in background, it is actually a busy city. This is a great month to take a little retreat, even if it is only in your home or your mind. Create an environment in which you can relax and just enjoy your own company.

Pisces – The intuitive image is of a horn honking to warn sailors of fog. Pay attention this month to any warning signs you might receive that you are not seeing the whole picture or full truth of any matter. Is something blocking you from seeing the true nature of what is right in front of you? 

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