The Ra Material is one (or four) of those books that can really change how you view the world and process the universe in which we live. These books cover a lot of information – from aliens to the Egyptians to chakras to ghosts to the original purpose of Tarot. 

So, what are these books really? In the 1980s a group of three individuals set out to communicate with extraterrestrials. This was not the work of just a few months, but years of dedication that eventually brought these three individuals together in this work. They were able to accomplish their goals through the use of channeling. 

Specifically, they were able to channel an entity or social-memory complex known as Ra. Through a series (106) of sessions in question and answer format, Ra enlightened this group of researchers on the nature of reality and the different dimensions in which we live. 

There is so much different and unique information included in this material that it is difficult to pinpoint it to one area. Yes, the original goal was to contact an alien lifeform, which they did in the form of Ra. Ra contains not one entity but a complex of entities at the stage of evolution – the dimension in which it exists. It is this complex of Ra that visited the Egyptians in corporeal form and gave them information in hopes that they understand the Law of One. 

The Law of One is what unifies this series of books. It is the concept that we are all One in unity and that our ultimate goal is to return to this oneness. Ra explains that we are dimensional creatures – that the human race is in the process of shifting from 3rd-dimensional beings into 4th-dimensional beings and because of the nature of our choices, this is not an easy shift. 

Instead of explaining everything that is written, my only recommendation is to read this material. Unlike Bringers of the Dawn, this book contains information in a very loving and understanding manner that’s goal is not to infringe on the free will of the human race (which we learn is very important – also called the Law of Confusion). 

There are five books in this series with the fifth being published years later and containing information which was deemed personal and removed from the original texts. Some of the text can get boring or bogged down in complicated physics (one of the members had a Ph.D. in Physics and can get specific on the questions asked), but the essential material is very substantial to forming a view of existence that it is well worth the time and effort that it takes to get through the material. 

The books are available through Amazon on booksellers, but they are also available for free through a variety of websites (this one and this one are good) because the researchers’ ultimate goal was not to profit from work but to give it to others so that they can form their own opinions. 

I highly recommend a reading of this material if you have an interest in the purpose of existence or how the universe was formed or…basically…any metaphysical questions about the universe. 

Have you read The Ra Material? What are your thoughts?

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