Last week, in the post on How Can I Help, I wrote about shifting your perspective and changing how we see the world around us. Sometimes though…this can just be hard. Sometimes it is difficult to look around your world and see love when the view of destruction and heartache is so powerful.

Part of spiritual work is learning when to ask for help. Part of asking for help is seeking the answers within our own selves. 

So this is what I did. I asked my Teachers what I can do to see love when something appears to be full of destruction.

And this is what they told me.

Find the silver chord. Throughout all, throughout everything, the so called “good” and the “bad” there is silver chord of love which runs and connects it all. When you see what you deem “bad” out there in the world, find the silver chord…and then play it.

Strike that chord and allow the vibrations to play. Allow the vibrations to play so that they erase all that is of a lower vibration to shift into the higher. Strike that chord so that what is seen is heartache can be seen as an act of love. 

Put your attention and focus on this silver chord and not on the stories that you weave in your mind about what was, what could be.

It is all a matter of finding that silver chord to play.

Find that chord, whatever it may be, it may be small, it may be just a thread, but finding that chord and making it known and heard in your heart will transform the event, person, place, situation to a higher octave of love.

Love is all that really matters. 

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