Hello earthlings! Yes, that is a joke. You are more than just made of earth and flesh. You are also made of the stars and of dreams. Yes, our dear children, you are made of dreams.

What the mind can think, the world can create. Remember that, dear children, as this works both ways. The world can be created with wonders and fantasies or it can be created with horrors and deceptions. This is your choice. Your individual choice as well as that of your collective. 

The collective, at this time, has brought you war, has brought you famine, has brought you inequality. You may feel helpless and without merit at this time, but that is not so, that is never so. 

You are also a race of beings with the potential of wonder, with the potential of grace. We ask for you to use this quality at this time.

Imagine a world filled with sunshine and roses. Imagine a world with unicorns and tulips. Imagine a world of ideal possibilities. Fill this world with wonder and light. Fill this world with love.

The world of your imagination is a potential just like the worlds in your movies and on your tv screens. Make it a potential of greatness and purpose, make it a potential of love.

We ask for one thing dear children, we ask for a simple minute of your day. We ask, that in this minute, just one minute, each and every day, we ask that you think, believe, wonder towards the ideal world of your heart. 

We ask, dear children of the light, that you use your mind and heart to create this world and fill it with love and peace. Just one-minute dear children, just one minute of your time. 

We ask that you love with us and for us and for each other. A simple ask we make of you. 

Blessed be. 

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