I’ve got another psychic secret to divulge.  Yep, are you listening?  Not all people are are easy to read.  Yep, some individual’s energy is really easy to connect with and I will get very clear images and words, while other individual’s energy may be more difficult and distant.

Interesting, right!  So, how do you know if your energy is easy to connect with or more difficult?  Well, get a reading of course.  Hehehehe.  Well, really, energy that is easier to read vibrates on an open level.  These are the people who may be skeptical, but they keep an open mind about getting a reading.

Hard Core Skeptics

Individuals who are skeptical and have a closed mind about getting a psychic reading are actually really difficult to read.  These individuals may come to you with their arms crossed in front of them and most likely a friend or partner dragging them through the door.  These individuals who don’t “believe” in psychics…well, that psychic is going to have a difficult time proving anything to them because their energy is so closed off!

And then, sometimes, you get the ego of the psychic thrown in there as well.  Yeah, sometimes that psychic wants to prove to the client that they are totally awesome and amazing – because, let’s face it, they are!  And guess what…the ego plane is a lower vibrational level and that is a state where that psychic won’t get correct information.  That psychic will end up using his/her imagination instead of their intuition.  Yep, that psychic won’t be able to “prove” to the hardcore skeptic that they are right…because they won’t be.

All these issues with skeptics are one reason I prefer doing readings online (well, there is a lot of reasons I like online readings…maybe I should write a blog post about that…).  Someone who is getting a reading online most likely is doing it for themselves, not because someone is making them do it.  This means their energy is more accessible and easy to reach and connect with.

But, this does not mean that you can’t be a skeptic and get a good reading.  I am a skeptic about a lot of things.  I need it proven to me before I can believe it.  What is important is that I keep an open mind.  That I allow my mind to change and transform based on the evidence that I see.  That my mind is pliable.

Spirit Guides

Then we come to another reason some people are harder to read than others.  Their guides.  Not all guides are skilled with this type of communication.  Most have some level of proficiency, but not every one of your guides will pass along information the same way that I receive information.

This is why having a strong relationship with your own “team” is important. Your “team” can help the other individual’s guides connect in the right manner.  What I have also learned is that the psychic needs to be open to the manner in which the information is going to come in.  I get a majority of my information through psychic symbols – that means clairvoyantly.  But, some guides have a skill at sending information clairaudiently.  If I’m not “listening” I may miss something important.

So a reading truly is a group effort.  You need the client to be open and receptive to a reading and you need a psychic who leaves their ego behind and is willing to use all their “psychic senses” and be aware of how information is coming in.

So, the next time you go to a psychic or tarot card reader, make sure you keep an open mind.  And don’t sit with your arms crossed in front of you…

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