It seems many people in the metaphysical and witch communities are putting their two cents in on the new Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I thought I would ring in with my own opinion in this Feature Friday Review. Some people love this show and its depiction of female empowerment, while others are less than thrilled with the association of witchcraft with the devil.

I thought now would be a great time for me to offer my opinion, for whatever it is worth. To get some background, this show is based in the same genre as the CW’s Riverdale, with the same dark undertones that exist in the high school culture. But, whereas Riverdale follows the Archie comics and the lives of almost typical high schools students (you know, without all the murder, mayhem), Sabrina focuses on the intersection between witches and the mortal world. I have watched all released episodes of Riverdale and generally enjoy it.

As for Sabrina, let me just start by saying that I also enjoyed this series. It was one that I easily binge-watched over the course of about a week – but could be easily accomplished in a Saturday for those who want to really give it a go. The story draws you in and the characters are easy to like – or dislike.

What some individuals in this community do not appreciate is the heavy references to “the dark lord” and the devil as the brand of witchcraft practiced in this series is definitely more “dark” than the more common “love and light” variety that exists in the real world. Although this show uses the terms “witchcraft”, it is clear that the craft displayed in this series is more akin to satanism than traditional craft. Perhaps if this show just outrightly stated that they were Satanists and not the broader term of witchcraft, more individuals would not be in a huff.

But this show uses dark themes as part of their work to highlight the difference between male patriarchy in a traditionally feminine practice. The use of “the dark lord” and witchcraft as portrayed in this sinister manner is just part of the broader themes that this show is working to weave.

In its essence, this show is about the feminine striving to overcome the masculine…a theme that is set to abound in the next decade as the energetic vibration of the planet swings back towards feminine principles. If you can overlook the use of witchcraft in this manner, this is a great show to highlight this change that is occurring.

Did you watch the series? Are you going to? What are your thoughts?

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