First, I want to explicitly state that I am not trying to give any political opinion here.  I ask just that you set aside any opinions or biases and read these words with an open heart.  I am not here to change your opinion, I am just here to give you another perspective to think about.

And, why do I need to write that disclaimer – because I am going to get real here – and I am going to get real about Donald Trump.  A lot of people have strong opinions about this man.  I am going to give you my spiritual opinion.  So, sit back, open that mind and heart, and let your spirit guide you.

We are all one

Something most metaphysical philosophies and many religions will teach you is that we are all one.  We all came from the same source, we are all connected and made of the same material.  When one of us does something, it affects each and every human being out there.

We are all of the “creator” and will eventually go back to join the “creator”.  The words and descriptions used to state these terms are all different, but they basically mean the same – we are all one.

Now, think about this, if we are all one, how can you hate or throw negativity at someone who is “one” of you.  This is like hating a part of yourself – this is hating and wishing ill will for your leg or your arm.  If we are all one, then shouldn’t we work to love each part of us, no matter how “wrong” we may think that part is?

This is your first question to think about – if we are all one, how can we hate someone who is a part of us?


Okay, now let me take a different track here.  Now I am going to talk about those essential rules of creation and manifestation.  We create what we think about right – we attract what we put out – all that law of attraction mumbo jumbo, right?

It all has to do with energy vibrations – similar energy vibrations attract energy vibrations that are like them.  Okay, so what does this have to do with Trump?

You guys, we as a society created the vibrations so that Trump would be our president.  Look at the shows that have been popular in the last decade – the guy even had one of those shows.  Look at who we give priority and status to in this society – those who are wealthy, those who are famous.

Now, just take a second and think about how amazing it is and what a clear example of our creative force as a collective.  Kind of cool – except for the fact that we actually did it…

So, if we don’t want to continue to elect and promote individuals like Trump, we need to change our vibrations as a collective – we need to vibrate on a level of wanting peace and love – we need to change what we watch on tv and who we promote to celebrity status.

Second question to think about – we created the vibrations for Trump to be president, what do we want to create next?

Volunteer for Dark?

Okay, now I am going to get a little metaphysical on you.  I am going to ask you to really take a step back and think. What if Trump is actually this highly evolved benevolent soul who volunteered to incarnate so that we could see the “darkness” and this would cause other people to become the “light”.  What if Trump is acting out this role of a dark figure to activate all those souls to take action for a greater good – to demand equal treatment of all races, classes, sexes, statuses, all the “es’s”.

I know, now you may start to lose me here.  But, this is a principle that individuals who have studied and channeled this material preach daily.  We are all the light.  Some of us volunteer to dim our light so that other individuals can experience their own light.  What if Trump is just dimming his light so much so that other individuals have the opportunity to experience their light and live their purpose?

This is a concept that we have been talking about a lot in my household lately.  Mainly sparked by the children’s book The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch.  I highly recommend this book, even to adults, to better grasp this concept.

Third question to think about – what if Trump is really a bright benevolent soul who volunteered to play the opposing role to help others experience their own light?  

Fear or Love?

Okay, if you haven’t agreed with anything I have said so far, just give me a chance on this one.  I will ask you, no matter what your political opinions, how about we just send the man love instead of hate.  This is something that will help your emotional body and that of our collective consciousness – don’t you want to help the collective (you know, so we can manifest a different vibration to be in charge?).

Think about hate and negativity.  What is the original impulse of these emotions – it is fear.  We can boil all hate and negativity down to the essence of fear.  You fear what this man will do to you, to the country, to the environment, to the world.  All this hate is stemming from fear.

But remember, similar vibrations attract similar vibrations – if you spew all this hate – all this negativity – all this fear at this man – you are attracting that same vibration to yourself – to our country – to our world.

So, instead, I challenge you to send love to this man.  You don’t have to agree with what he is doing – but why don’t we just agree to send him love.  Then what are you going to attract into your life? Love.  Then what are you going to attract into your world?  Love.

Fourth question to think about – what vibration do you want to attract?

Final Judgment 

“For with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you.”  Mathew 7:2

Guys, why are we judging this man?  If he is really this horrible guy, when he crosses the veil he is going to have to go through his life review and relive all the terrible things he has done.  He will feel the pain and anguish that his decisions caused on everyone they effected – down the line.  So what use does it do for you to judge him now?  His soul will have the ultimate judgment during his transition back home to the spirit world.

But, with that said, we don’t know his lessons.  We don’t know why he incarnated and what he set out to accomplish.  It is not for us to understand, that isn’t our place in this world.

Final question to think about – how do you want to be judged?  Do you want to experience the love that you sent the world or the fear?

I am not staying to not stand up and oppose what he is doing – this is the light of advocacy that will turn on in some of us.  

I am not saying to agree with what he is doing or saying – this is the light of knowledge and understanding that will turn on in some of us.  

I am saying that this is a time to send love to this man – this is the light of healing that will turn on for some of us.  

I am saying to look at this situation from a broader spiritual perspective – this is the light of spirit that will turn on in some of us.

Are you ready to shine your light?

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